Prayer-Fuel for the Spiritual Life

There is so much in the Bible about prayer and there are many different ways and reasons to pray. And many of you, no doubt, already have a pretty full prayer life. So on the one hand, we are hesitant to ask, but on the other hand, prayer is the fuel for life, so we do humbly ask you to join us in prayer. And as we join together in prayer, let’s start out remembering the main reason for prayer-it is the primary communication channel between us and the heavenly Father. It is also the way we join together as the body of Christ while we are scattered across the globe.

There are many “things” we will list below that we will ask you to pray for. These “things” will be provided, or the Lord will show us better “things” that He wants us to ask Him about. But there are a few prayer requests that will never cease, and we would like to start with these first:

  • For us to be used by God to help Him fill all the earth with His glory. He has promised that this will happen, pray for us to be strong in this objective.
  • That no matter what, we will always keep the main thing, the main thing; and that is our personal relationship with God.
  • For ever increasing numbers of Lenca to become Christ-followers while still retaining their socio-cultural identities.
  • Wisdom for us to share only the biblical message of hope and reconciliation available through Jesus Christ, to not mix in our own cultural\religious traditions or preferences. Think Acts 15, the Jerusalem Council, pray that we don’t make it hard for Lencas to become Christ followers.
  • Always give thanks in prayer to God for the mighty ways He blesses each of us every single day. Even when times are tough, He is with us, even though we struggle to sense His presence in the tough times.

Now the “things”:

  • New partners in ministry. We are looking for more individuals, groups, and churches who would like to join us in our ministry to the Lenca people.
  • Opportunities to speak to pastors, church leaders, and Sunday school groups to share what the Lord is doing in and around La Campa, Honduras.
  • Pray that when we do speak the people will catch the vision of what the Lord is doing, and that they will want to get involved.
  • Sharp minds for us, particularly as it relates to learning a new language. This is proving to be a big challenge.
  • Legal paperwork in Honduras, there is some paperwork related to the land getting officially registered, and more importantly, our residency applications.
  • That we find an affordable and reliable (not pretty or shiny-vehicles don’t stay pretty or shiny long in Honduras!) 4 wheel drive pick up truck soon, and that we will have the funds available to make the purchase.
  • Steady progress to continue, leading to the completion of the missionary house in La Campa by late summer or early fall 2014. Funds will be needed shortly to be able to continue the project. Thank the Lord for all of the resources He has provided thus far!!
  • More short term mission teams to come join us. Both later this year and especially in 2015 once we are settled in La Campa.
  • Medical and dental clinics are one of the best ways to open doors, pray for Lord to bring doctors, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists, etc. to join us. There are some potentially huge doors of opportunity opening for us in the medical field, both in La Campa and in another part of Honduras that we will share more about in future newsletters!
  • Pray for perfect peace for our family members who are tremendously supportive of us, and yet are concerned about our leaving the U.S.

There is much more that we could list but this is a good start. In addition to these requests we know the Lord will lead and guide each of us in our prayers. Many of these prayer requests can be prayed for you too! And please know that we will pray these for you. Please share that you are praying for us. There is no better way to be encouraged in life than knowing your friends and family are praying for you.

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