May Updates

Kentucky Team-March

In March a large group of volunteers from an association of churches north of Louisville came to La Campa for their first time to serve the Lenca Indians. These churches have been a blessing to the nation of Honduras for many years in many other areas so we were very blessed by their joining us in La Campa this year. Better than that, plans are already being made for return trip(s) in 2015!! Thank you Kentucky Team!!!

Construction Projects

In March we had two construction projects underway. First, the new church for Pastor Emilio. Pastor Emilio’s congregation has outgrown their existing church building so the Kentucky team raised money and came to help them build the new church building. The primary activity was laying blocks for the walls. By the end of the trip the walls were nearly complete. When I returned in April the walls were complete and all of the trusses were in place. Besides accommodating the growing congregation, the new building frees up the original church building to be used as a teaching and training facility for the surrounding churches and the community.

The other project is the missions house. In addition to building the walls for the church part of the Kentucky team came to help with the roof. By the time they went home all of the lumber was on the roof so the house is no longer a convertible house. Since then the metal roof covering has been installed and all of the overhead wiring has been pulled. Next up is finishing the electrical work, roughing in the plumbing and finishing the walls. It is getting built slowly but surely.

Pick Up Truck

Several of you know that we have need of a reliable, used, 4*4 pick up truck in Honduras. The Lord has been faithful to provide, through the generosity of others, almost half of the purchase price for a Mazda truck we found that suits our needs perfectly. It has relatively low miles, 4 good tires (a big deal in Honduras), cold A\C, and has been maintained very well. We’re praying that He will supply us with the balance needed to purchase this truck in June. A huge THANK YOU to all who have helped us with our future transportation!!

Teaching English

In March we met Jesus Larios; he is a teacher at the middle school in La Campa. Among the many topics he is responsible to teach, English is one of them. This has been quite a challenge for him since he is not fully bi-lingual. The English he speaks he speaks very well but he doesn’t know a lot yet. Needless to say he was thrilled when we explained who we were, that we were coming to live in La Campa, and that we would like to come teach his students English using Bible stories. We did our first sessions with the students in March and they are quick learners. This is something we have desired to do and now the Lord has opened this door of opportunity for us. By teaching them Bible stories in English they will not only gain a skill they can use to earn a better living, but they will also gain valuable insight about the true and living God of the Bible.


Counting Blessings

There are too many blessings to count, but we’re most thankful for good health, good medical results from recent tests, for our very lives, and for amazing friends and family who are a BIG part of what God is doing in Honduras. He is not doing it just through Jean and me, but through ALL of us!

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