Prayers and Praises February 2015

“The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.”-James 5:16b

Prayer Requests

Kentucky Mission Team

The team from KY will be helping to construct new Sunday school classrooms and doing ministry in and around La Campa for the first two weeks in March. Please pray for their safe travel, health while in Honduras, and for lives to be transformed as a result of their efforts.

Our Pastors

  • Please pray for pastor Emilio, his family, and his church in La Campa.
  • Please pray for pastor Jose Maria, his family, and his church in Chimis Mataras.
  • Please pray for pastor Arturo, his family, and his church in Gracias.
  • Please pray for pastor Wilmer, his family, and his church in San Pedro Sula.

These are all pastors whom the Lord is allowing us to serve with in Honduras.

Frontline Missions

  • Please pray for the Lord to continue to bless and provide for all of the families who serve with Frontline all around the globe, and all of the ministries represented by these families:
    • Alan & Heidi Winter
    • Diane & Harry Calsbeek
    • Luis and Karen Chavarria
    • Elizabeth & Cleudes Silva
    • Greg & Jean Hines
    • Cassi Sherley
  • Please pray specifically for wisdom and endurance for Alan and Heidi Winter as they balance the demands of a growing missions organization with family needs, health needs, and personal ministry opportunities.

Greg & Jean

  • Please continue to pray for a breakthrough with our residency papers. We are expecting an answer one way or the other next week, please pray for a favorable outcome.
  • Language Skills-please pray that we continue to make time for language study and that our ability to communicate continues to increase rapidly.
  • Physical, mental, and emotional endurance. The next three months are going to be very exciting but very draining too. We will be sorting, organizing, and packing all of our stuff, wrapping up the construction, finalizing our prayer and financial support base, meeting with churches, and beginning to say our goodbyes as the departure date draws near.
  • Ministry Partnerships. We are still seeking to partner with more local churches to come alongside to help us reach more and more people in Honduras.  There are many more ministry opportunities than we can handle and we haven’t even officially gotten there yet. If you know of a church who is looking for a new ministry partnership please share our information with them because we’d love the opportunity to help them begin or expand their international missions program. Please pray for the Lord to grant us favor as we make phone calls to request and schedule meetings.
  • Relationships. Please pray that our personal relationships will continue to grow and develop in Honduras. Please pray that we will not allow the busyness of the next three months to distract us from maintaining our relationship to one another and from walking closely with the Lord everyday.
  • Prayer and financial support. Please pray for both to continue to increase. (see below for financial update)
  • Pray for us and our ministry in any other way the Holy Spirit leads.


The Lord has been faithful to provide! We’ve raised 72% of our projected minimum monthly budget and 58% of our projected average monthly budget. We’ve identified our fixed costs, of which insurance is the largest line item, but there are also the usual variable costs that we are estimating because we won’t have a real good handle on those until we’ve lived there for a few months.

We’ve had some really good meetings with churches in the last couple of weeks who are interested in or already planning to partner with us.

Our newsletter distribution has grown to 300 people! Reaching this milestone made us think about our early days of short term missions in 2005; specifically about how we were so intimidated when our team leaders told us that we had to identify and contact 100 people about that trip. That seemed impossible to us at the time even though it wasn’t. Thank you Lord for  this growth, and thank you to every one of you who is interested enough in us and this ministry to receive our newsletter. We can’t do this without you and we are more thankful than we can express.

The Lord has blessed us with a building in La Campa that we will use as our personal residence and as a place of peace, rest, fellowship, and learning for Lenca families, and our friends and family who will come to visit us. On top of all of that, it is absolutely beautiful beyond what we ever expected. It has taken a long time, by our standards, but the Lord’s timing is perfect and He has blessed us beyond measure.

“Give and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure-pressed down, shaken together and running over.”-Luke 6:38a

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