August 2015 Praises and Prayers


While we did receive our residency papers the government only gave us one year of residency (that expires in April 2016) instead of the three that we applied for originally. Please pray for us as we pursue getting a renewal for at least 2 more years.

Please continue to pray for the Lord to open up our “older’ minds to learning Spanish. We are getting to spend much more time studying and speaking to people using the Spanish we know now that we are in Honduras and it is helping (see praise below).

Please pray for the continued encouragement from our friends and family in the states. It is amazing what a blessing it is to receive even a short note from loved ones.

Please pray for one family in particular, Jose Renee, Arianna, and their sons Jose Renee Junior, and Marlon. They are having a very difficult time right now.

Please pray for the Lord to give us wisdom to know how to minister to them. Please pray as the Spirit leads for the following pastors and their families in Honduras: Pastor Wilmer (San Pedro Sula), Pastor Emilio (La Campa), Pastor Jose Maria (Santa Teresa), Pastor Arturo (Gracias), Pastor Samuel (Mataras), Pastor Roberto (Gracias) and Pastor Antonio (Cruz Alta).

Finances (see praise below). While our financial support is coming in very strongly we haven’t quite hit our monthly budget. Please pray for us to receive more if we need more or to recognize that we have what we need.

Please pray that we don’t neglect to maintain our relationships, the most important one being with our Lord, then with each other, then with our friends and family, while we establish ourselves and our ministry in Honduras.

Please pray that we will be strong in the Lord and that He will be honored and glorified through us as we establish our new lives and ministry in Honduras.

Please pray for our new friend and sister in the Lord, her name is Lourdes. She lives in Tegucigalpa and is seeking the Lord for direction about her next ministry opportunity in Honduras. She will be joining us in La Campa for our planning meetings with local pastors so please pray for the Lord to continue to show us His will for us and her to serve in ministry together in and around La Campa.

Please pray for meetings that we are planning with several pastors later in August. The purpose of these meetings is to set our strategy for long term church planting and discipleship beginning in 2016.

Please pray for us as we begin to plan short term mission trips in 2016. 2016 sounds like it is a long time off while we’re in the dog days of summer, but it is really not far away at all.

Please pray for Jean as she spends the first two weeks of August helping her mom recover from cataract surgery, and for Greg while he continues to get their home set up and ministry established in La Campa while she is gone.

Please pray for Greg to have a productive time at an annual missionary\non-profit networking conference in Tegucigalpa on August 7-8. Please pray for good connections to be made that will help build and improve ministry in the entire nation of Honduras.

Please pray for our faith to stay strong, and grow even stronger, for continued protection from spiritual attack, and for strength when the attacks do come.

Please pray for us to be bold and courageous, to not miss any opportunities to glorify God, and to draw people closer to Jesus.

Please pray for an important visit in September from two friends from the U.S. who are also pastors. This is an exploratory\vision trip so please pray for the Lord to open a door for us to minister together in the future.

We have lots of praises this month to share with you!

July was a big and very productive month for us. We spent our first night in our new home on July 16th. What a blessing to finally achieve this goal that we’ve been working towards for so long. While all of the major construction has been completed there is still much to do. Day by day we get a few more things finished that continue to make us feel more and more at home.

Praise God for us getting high speed internet access set up in our home at the end of the July. It had been very challenging trying to get certain things done without rapid or reliable internet service in our home.

Praise God that our water filtration system works. We have been drinking the tap water for a few weeks now with no health problems.

Praise God for helping us to find so many things that we need and\or want in Honduras. There is so much more available here than we knew about a year ago. God even surprises us with little blessings like finding a grocery store that sells bagels (bigger deal for Greg than Jean). Praise God that He loves us so much that He delights in blessing us in all kinds of ways big and small.

Praise God for one family in particular, the Perez family, who has fast become more like family to us than just friends, they are Eusebio and Olympia, and their four children Martias, Antonio, Sandra, and Belky. We’ve had nice visits and prayer time with them in our new home already and look forward to more. Praise God for healing their grandfather whom we rushed to the hospital early one morning earlier this month with a very high fever and pain. He is back at home and doing very well now.

Praise God for a very productive conference earlier this month in Tegucigalpa with Networking Honduras and Honduran Fellowship of Missionaries.

We continue to receive encouragement from so many of our friends, praise God for the encouragement from our brothers and sisters in Christ to continue.

For the continued faithfulness of our God to provide for our needs through our friends and partner churches who faithfully and generously support our ministry.

Praise God for the excitement of brothers and sisters in Christ in the U.S. who are already working with us to plan short term mission trips in 2016. We already have a team scheduled for January, February, and April. And there are several people and churches we haven’t even spoken to yet!

Praise God for all of our prayer supporters because we can’t do what we do effectively without the prayer support of all of you.

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