September 2015 Praises and Prayers


• Please continue to pray for the Lord to open up our “older’ minds to learning Spanish. We are getting to spend much more time studying and speaking to people using the Spanish we know now that we are in Honduras and it is helping. Update: We are taking Spanish classes from a teacher in La Campa three days per week now. We meet for two hours of class time every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 9:00 a.m. (11:00 a.m. eastern, 10:00 a.m. central). If you think of us at these times please pray a little extra.

• Please pray for the continued encouragement from our friends and family in the states. It is amazing what a blessing it is to receive even a short note from loved ones.

• Please pray for one family in particular, Jose Renee, Arianna, and their sons Jose Renee Junior, and Marlon. They are having a very difficult time right now. Please pray for the Lord to give us wisdom to know how to minister to them.

• Please pray as the Spirit leads for the following pastors and their families in Honduras: Pastor Wilmer (San Pedro Sula), Pastor Emilio (La Campa), Pastor Jose Maria (Santa Teresa), Pastor Arturo (Gracias), Pastor Samuel (Mataras), Pastor Roberto (Gracias) and Pastor Antonio (Cruz Alta).

• Finances (see praise below). While our financial support is coming in very strongly we haven’t quite hit our monthly budget. Please pray for us to receive more if we need more or to recognize that we have what we need.

• Please pray that we don’t neglect to maintain our relationships, the most important one being with our Lord, then with each other, then with our friends and family, while we establish ourselves and our ministry in Honduras.

• Please pray that we will be strong in the Lord and that He will be honored and glorified through us as we establish our new lives and ministry in Honduras.

• Please pray for us as the spiritual warfare gets a little more intense. There have been some tough days dealing with the attacks. Praise God though, He teaches us and sharpens up our discernment a little bit more every time.

• Please pray for our new friend and sister in the Lord, her name is Lourdes. She lives in Tegucigalpa and is seeking the Lord for direction about her next ministry opportunity in Honduras. Update: We had a great time with Lourdes at our home in La Campa in August during our pastor’s meetings. We talked a little more seriously about future ministry and her needs and expectations. Please continue to pray for her and us as we pray about how to include her in our ministry, and how we/she will raise her support.

• Please pray for meetings that we are planning with several pastors later in August. The purpose of these meetings is to set our strategy for long term church planting and discipleship beginning in 2016.

• Please continue to pray for us as we begin to plan short term mission trips in 2016. 2016 sounds like it is a long time off while we’re in the dog days of summer, but it is really not far away at all.(see praise below)

• Please pray for our faith to stay strong, and grow even stronger, for continued protection from spiritual attack, and for strength when the attacks do come.

• Please pray for us to be bold and courageous, to not miss any opportunities to glorify God, and to draw people closer to Jesus.

• Please pray for an important visit in September from two friends from the U.S. who are also pastors. This is an exploratory\vision trip so please pray for the Lord to open a door for us to minister together in the future.

• We have a very busy travel schedule coming up. We have a trip to Flower Mountain Honduras with another Frontline Missionary to spend time with the Tolupan on October 1-6, then on October 9th we leave La Campa to drive to San Pedro Sula, and then to fly to the U.S. for the missions conference, meetings with pastors and mission team leaders to hopefully finalize trip dates for 2016, and spend time with family and friends. Before these longer trips we have the usual driving around Honduras locally which is an adventure in and of itself.

• Please pray for us as we deal with minor sicknesses. We’ve had several rounds of colds\allergy attacks since we got here, and Jean has been suffering from a lingering case of the digestive “ickies” as she’s taken to calling them. None of these sicknesses has been serious, just annoying more than anything else.

• Please pray for our continued adjusting to life in Honduras. There is an almost non-stop rotation of at least one major utility and\or appliance that doesn’t work.

Special Prayer Request for October and November: We will be in the U.S. for an extended stay (Oct.10-Nov. 29) with a lot of travel by car around the southeast and upper Midwest primarily. We sold just about everything before we left, including our home and both of our cars. We are in need of a car that we can borrow or rent inexpensively during this time. We may also need a place to stay in the Atlanta area for part of the time between October 10th through the early to middle part of November, and then a place to stay in the Chicago area for the last couple of weeks or so of November. Please pray for the Lord to help us meet these needs.

• We are very excited about attending our first Missions Conference at FBA in October. Please pray that this is a joy-filled, refreshing time, and that we will get to see a lot of our friends and fellow missionaries at the conference.

• Pray for a man we met a few weeks ago named Paulino. He came to Pastor Emilio’s house while we were there and he wanted prayer for his struggles with drinking. We were able to share a little bit with him about our “old” lives and encourage him. We also prayed for his salvation, and that he put his faith and trust in the Lord to deliver him. We saw him at one church service a few days later and are planning to continue to follow up with him.

As usual, we have lots of praises this month to share with you!

• Thank you for your prayers about our residency situation. Not only do we have our residency papers but we finally got our actual residency cards at the end of August; our residency status is in place until May 29, 2016. On that same day we talked with several people at the immigration office and had a great meeting with our lawyer afterwards. The path to getting our next two years of residency is very clear to us now and, surprisingly, the renewal process looks to pretty simple.

• Praise God for great meetings with several local pastors during the last three weeks. We have several new church planting opportunities for 2016in addition to several other projects. We are so thankful that He is opening doors for us so quickly.

• We continue to receive encouragement from so many of our friends, praise God for the encouragement from our brothers and sisters in Christ to continue.

• For the continued faithfulness of our God to provide for our needs through our friends and partner churches who faithfully and generously support our ministry.

• Praise God for the excitement of brothers and sisters in Christ in the U.S. who are already working with us to plan short term mission trips in 2016. We already have a team scheduled for January, February, and April. And there are several people and churches we haven’t even spoken to yet! Update: we now have a team committed to coming to Honduras to serve with us for two weeks in March.

• Praise God for all of our prayer supporters because we can’t do what we do effectively without the prayer support of all of you.

• Praise God for the success of Jean’s mom’s eye surgeries in August and for Jean’s safe return to La Campa.

• Praise God for a good time at the Networking Honduras conference. It was both informational and enjoyable.

• Praise God for healing our friend Niconor Perez. He is doing very well now and has been strong enough to come to church again.

• Praise God for Prudencia Benitez. Those of you who have come to La Campa know Prudencia as the quiet but hard working woman who took good care of you while you stayed at the Hostal. She is now working with us at our home and has been a tremendous help to us. Without her we could not have the pastor’s meetings in our home and do all of the other things that we are doing here. Please also pray for her and her four kids, Juan, Nicole, William, and Myra.

• Praise God for the baptism of 25 new Christ followers at a beautiful service on August 30th. We were so happy to be at this service because several of these people are friends of ours making it extra special. There are a few pictures below.

The baptism river

The baptism river

The new believers being prayed over before being baptized.

The new believers being prayed over before being baptized.

Our friend Belky, the youngest daughter of Eusebio and Olympia Perez

Our friend Belky, the youngest daughter of Eusebio and Olympia Perez

Our friend Luis

Our friend Luis

Our friend Vicente

Our friend Vicente

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  1. Praise God from ALL blessings flow, and for those who allow the flow of Living Waters to reach others. You are in our prayers. Love, Janeece and Ed

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