Christmas 2015 Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures from our first Christmas in Honduras.


Our church small group, from L to R, Rubencito, Meilani, Ruben, Dinora, Vilma, Dexter & Kids, Pastor Emilio, Marta, Greg, Jean, Melvin, (Hilton not pictured because he took the picture)


Planning our presentation for the 24th.


Its good to have our books and CDs off the floor.


Centerpiece Jean made.


Dinner table.


After Christmas more books will be off the floor.


Our living room is a little brighter now.


Our tree in daylight.



La Campa Christmas decoration.


Also La Campa, the only Santa we’ve seen out here.

7 Comments on “Christmas 2015 Photo Gallery

  1. Your pictures are so festive. I think your tree is one of the prettiest I’ ve seen. We’ve put up a few decorations, but not many. Our neighbors have all gone all-out, so I tend to think our house is a place where they can rest their eyes! LOL. Just finished taking down our few straggly wreaths and am happy to put them away for another year. May God wrap His arms around you and give you a wonderful New Years. You are prayed for regularly. Love you !

    • Thank you so much Janeece, God blessed us with an excellent first Christmas and New Year in La Campa. Please tell Ed hello and forgive my late response, God bless!

  2. Thanks for sending pictures, so we can see your home decorated for Christmas and your friends there. We are sure you will always remember your first Christmas in Honduras. We missed you here, but we know you are where God wants you to be. God bless you now and in 2016. We love you very much. Winnie and Bill

    • Thank you Winnie, sorry for the late response. Between Facebook, WhatsApp, three email accounts, and the blog sometimes I miss one here or there. God bless you two, I really enjoyed your exercise video and testimony on Facebook, you are an encouragement to me and many others.

  3. Greg and Jean… the photos only make our visit seem “farther away” as we all want so much to be on the ground with ya’ll! Can’t wait… 4 weeks away!! Confident that the Lord will change lives during our visit… OUR OWN!!! George

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