February 2016 Prayers and Praises


Children in Arcamón

• Please pray for us as we continue to make preparations for our next team that arrives on March 5th for a two week trip. This is a large group from Kentucky that will be helping to build two brand new churches. They will also be helping us teach English in the high school in La Campa, doing medical clinics in two new communities, and children’s ministry in several communities.

• Please continue to pray for two un-reached communities named Mezcalillo and Arcamón. We have not seen any fruit from our visits to Arcamón yet but we know that God desires for His name to be made known in that community. During our first visit there the Lord gave us an opportunity to drive a man home who had a bad accident that very day. He was very pleasantly surprised when we returned the following week to check on him. Please pray for this to be a way God opens the door into this community for the Gospel.

• Please pray for wisdom as we share, and for people to be receptive to the message of love, forgiveness, and salvation available through Jesus Christ.

• Please pray for a young man named Kevin who helped us get back to the man’s house in Arcamón. Kevin was friendly but he kept his distance when we visited the other man. He was listening so we know he heard about the love of Jesus. Please pray for the message to take hold in his heart.

• Please pray for God to continue to strengthen us as we coordinate the activities of all of our short term mission teams. We are finalizing preparations and details for the Kentucky team, and at the same time making plans for our June and July teams. It gets a little hard to keep up with from time to time.

• Please pray for the Lord to give us His wisdom as we explore working more closely with one of the other missionaries in the area. There is a lot of work to do here so it will take all of us, and we want to make sure it is the Lord bringing us together with this particular missionary and his family.

• Please continue to pray for our Spanish language skills, and that we will make the time daily to study. We both are making progress and we are confident that this will be the year that our Spanish skills increase exponentially.

• Please pray for the continued encouragement from our friends and family in the states. It is amazing what a blessing it is to receive even a short note from loved ones.

• Please pray for us to have wisdom and discernment to know what projects and ministries the Lord wants us to participate in and which ones we should leave alone. There are so many opportunities that it can be overwhelming trying to know how to choose. This is still an important request since we have more projects than we have resources for at the moment.

• Please pray as the Spirit leads for the following pastors, their families, and the churches represented: Pastor Wilmer (San Pedro Sula), Pastor Emilio (La Campa), Pastor Jose Maria (Santa Teresa), Pastor Arturo (Gracias), Pastor Samuel (Mataras), Pastor Roberto (Gracias), Pastor Modesto (Gracias), Pastor Marco Tulio (Cruz Alta), Pastor Amilcar (Monqueta), Pastor Rosita (Gilguarapez), Pastor Jorge (Caiquin) and Pastor Marco Antonio (Olominas).

• Finances (see praise below). While our financial support is coming in very strongly we haven’t quite hit our monthly budget. Please pray for us to receive more if we need more or to recognize that we have what we need.

• Please pray that we don’t neglect to maintain our relationships in the midst of doing ministry, the most important one being with our Lord, then with each other, then with our friends and family, while we establish ourselves and our ministry in Honduras.

• Please pray that we will be strong in the Lord and that He will be honored and glorified through us as we establish our new lives and ministry in Honduras.

• Please continue to pray for our short term mission teams who are preparing to minister with us this year.

• Please pray for our faith to stay strong, and grow even stronger, for continued protection from spiritual attack, and for strength when the attacks do come.

• Please pray for us to be bold and courageous, to not miss any opportunities to glorify God, and to draw people closer to Jesus.

• Please continue to pray for Paulino as he continues his journey as a new Christian.

• Please pray for wisdom in determining what to do with the rest of our “stuff” in the U.S. While visiting we went through quite a bit of it and were able to organize some of it so that our mission teams can bring some things down here for us this year. While sorting through it we were reminded of why we did not get rid of these things before we left, and we realized these things would really help transition our house into feeling even more like home if we could get it here. But if we can’t get it here we’ll need to make some decisions soon because it does not make sense to keep paying for storage. While not consuming our thoughts this is still a situation that needs to be resolved this year.

We have lots of praises this month to share with you!
• Praise God for an amazing start to 2016. We just finished up with our third mission team for this year and the Lord is blessing our efforts greatly. With these teams we have been visiting in several communities sharing the gospel and love of Christ. We have been welcomed into every home that we have visited.

Praise and Prayer Request: God revealed to us a family of believers in Mezcalillo that nobody knew was there. This family is suffering a certain amount of persecution because they refuse to participate in the religion in the area. Please pray for this family to stay encouraged, and for God to continue to open doors in this community. This and Arcamón are the two communities where no evangelical church exists, and no evangelical outreach was taking place before we started taking teams to them this year.

• Praise God for a new believer named Estella in Mataras, a new young believer in San Pedro Sula named Bryan, and for another young boy named Wilman in Cruz Alta. All of these people prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in January and February. In addition to these there were about 10-15 more children in Cruz Alta who also prayed to receive Jesus. All of the kids in Cruz Alta are being followed up with by the Pastor of the church in that area. And Bryan is very involved with Pastor Wilmer in a church in San Pedro Sula so we know he is well on his way to being discipled properly.

• Praise God for the 10 confirmed, and 3 all but confirmed, mission teams coming to minister with us this year. We are so thankful that He is opening doors for us so quickly and we are excited about the ministry God has for us this year.

• Praise God for getting to meet some of the other missionaries serving near us and in different parts of the country. And praise God for the two organizations we have joined recently called Networking Honduras and Honduran Fellowship of Missionaries and Ministries. There is still so much work to do in Honduras and in order to get it done we will have to work together and these organizations make it easier to work together.

• We continue to receive encouragement from so many of our friends, praise God for the encouragement from our brothers and sisters in Christ.

• For the continued faithfulness of our God to provide for our needs through our friends and partner churches who faithfully and generously support our ministry.

• Praise God for the friends He has brought into our lives in La Campa and San Pedro Sula.

• Praise God for the continued spiritual growth of our new friend Paulino (see prayer request above).

• Praise God for all of our prayer supporters because we can’t do what we do effectively without the prayer support of all of you.

• Praise God for all of the little things we learn almost daily about life in La Campa and Honduras. It is so much easier to be effective when you know the rules.


Welcome to Mezcalillo.

2 Comments on “February 2016 Prayers and Praises

  1. Our BIBLE Study group is focusing on I kings and studying about Solomon. It occurs to me that the same God who gave wisdom to King Solomon also gives wisdom to Greg and Jean !!! It doesn’t get any better than that, dear friends. You have the Holy Spirit which Solomon didn’t even have….how much greater and easier is your search for wisdom and understanding ! In S.S. we are studying Acts and I find that Peter, like you two, was totally unafraid and eager to share the Good News. In a real sense, you two are living the young church era. How exciting that must be. Your personal faith must be growing by leaps and bounds and I confess that I am vicariously living your excitement. We will continue to pray for victory after victory, all to His glory.
    Loving you,
    Janeece (and Ed)

    • Hi Janeece and Ed, I often reflect on what it must have been like for the saints before the Cross. I imagine conversations on the new earth some day along the lines of us, in awe, asking David what it was like to be the King, chosen by God and anointed by Samuel; and after he answers he then asks us, in awe, what it was like to live EVERY day with the Holy Spirit, God himself, indwelling us. When I was a kid I learned pretty quickly that “nothing” was not an appropriate answer when at the dinner table dad asked me what I learned at school that day. Knowing dad was going to ask me that question made me think, at least a little, about what I learned so I could have an answer for him. I am reminded that I better be paying attention and trying to really let the Spirit have His way with me so that my answer in Heaven won’t be “I don’t know, I never really noticed”.

      You and Ed are such an encouragement to us. Thank you for your love, your friendship, and your prayers. It is not an understatement to say that we can’t do all that we are doing without your prayers.


      Greg & Jean

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