July 2017 Prayers and Praises


  • Please continue to pray for us and our Frontline Missions family and specifically for the Winter family. It has been four months since Alan Winter went home to be with the Lord so there have been a lot of changes and adjustments along with the grieving. We are grateful that as followers of Christ we do not grieve as the world grieves though. We know where Alan is and we will see him again!
  • Please pray for the next three teams coming down to serve. On July 2nd we have a small group from Atlanta coming down to serve with us in and around La Campa, they will be here from the 2nd-7th. On the 8th our friend and Frontline Missions co-missionary Luis Chavarria will be leading a team from First Baptist Atlanta who will be hosting Life Principles Conferences in two different parts of Honduras. We’ll join the team and spend the week with them serving and assisting in whatever way we can. Then on July 26th Dributts is coming for another visit to share the gospel and provide sanitary, reusable diapers to moms for their babies. They will be here until the 30th of July.
  • Please continue to pray for a young man named Ruben whom we met in Mezcalillo earlier this year. Ruben is paralyzed from the neck down and struggles with a skin ulcer on his backside and urinary tract infections from the catheter. He has a wheelchair now so he is able to be sat up and taken outside periodically. He also has a family member with a car who takes him to Gracias periodically for medical treatments and just to get outside. He needs physical therapy but there are other situations that make it very difficult for him to receive the therapy. Please pray for him and his family.
  • Please pray for the construction of the new church in Mezcalillo. Because of the logistics, location, the rains, and the planting seasons the construction has progressed more slowly than we would like. The walls are all but done so the roof will go on very soon.
  • Please pray for our safe travels over the next week as we pick up and return the next team to the airport and pick up our shipment from the U.S. while this team is here. The shipment is 4 hours away and we only get one appointment to pick it up so we don’t have a lot of options.
  • Specifically pray for us on July 6th as we drive 4 hours, load our stuff into a truck, drive it to La Campa and unload it at our house. Please pray for no delays, no mechanical troubles, and no physical troubles as we load and unload. Also pray for us and our Team on July 7th. We have to drive the team to the airport very early so they can make their midday flight. Pray again for no delays or mechanical troubles along the way.
  • Please continue to pray for the family of Gloria Marina. She and her family live in Mezcalillo and they were the first family of Christ followers we found there in January 2016. They continue to face some very difficult personal situations right now. See below for a praise regarding the resistance they had been getting from the religious leaders.
  • Please continue to pray for Arcamón. We’ve been doing outreach here since January 2016 and the work continues to be very difficult. People’s hearts are hard and they don’t want to hear about Jesus. We are encouraged because there was a time long ago when La Campa was like that too. See below for a praise regarding this situation.
  • Arcamón continued-please pray for the family of Oliverio. We first met him in January 2016 on the day he had a bad construction accident. We took him home from the medical clinic and have visited with him and his family several times since then. They are a very friendly family and we always enjoy our time with them. Pray that they are the family who will help us establish the evangelical church in Arcamón one day.
  • Please pray for our dear friends Eusebio and Olympia Perez and their newest family member who was born on April 29th. With this newest addition they now have 5 children ranging in age from 22 years to 3 months. Eusebio Jr. was born a few weeks early and has had some health challenges but he is eating and growing like crazy and overall doing very well now, but please keep them in your prayers.
  • Please continue to pray for San Cristobal; the work has been restarted and we are beginning to see some fruit. Please pray for the church to grow, that the Holy Spirit will move mightily, and that more people will choose to follow Jesus.
  • Please pray for a pastor we’ve started working with named Pastor Claudio, his family, and his church. In partnership with a church in the Atlanta area we are helping them with the construction of a church in their community called La Jagua. We are also doing evangelism with them in four communities and many people have been receptive to the message of hope and salvation available through Jesus Christ.
  • Please pray for us to have strength to finish July well as we host our last three scheduled teams for this year. It has been a very busy year and we are most grateful for all of the teams who have sacrificially given of themselves to come here.
  • Please pray for wisdom as we share, and for people to be receptive to the message of love, forgiveness, and salvation available through Jesus Christ.
  • Please pray against a spirit of fear that controls a lot of people we meet. Many people hear the truth and know they need to make a change but they are afraid for lots of different reasons. The reasons aren’t that important, just that they find courage and strength to not be scared or intimidated by others.
  • Please pray for the continued encouragement from our friends and family in the states. It is amazing what a blessing it is to receive even a short note from loved ones.
  • This month there are only praises regarding our truck, see below! We are still considering the question regarding a second truck for teams and whether that is a want or a need right now. We are trusting the Lord to provide the finances if it is a need or to keep our current truck on the road and reliable if it is a want. Our truck currently has a little over 100,000 miles on it.
  • Please pray for a missionary family serving in Honduras that is going through some very challenging times in their ministry. God is in control and they know that. They are making some hard choices and there are some potential personal safety issues involved.
  • Please continue to pray for us to have wisdom and discernment to know what projects and ministries the Lord wants us to participate in and which ones we should leave alone. There are so many opportunities that it can be overwhelming trying to know how to choose. This is still an important request since we have more projects than we have resources for at the moment.
  • Please pray specifically for two projects we are very interested in starting in La Campa in partnership with Pastor Emilio\Torre Fuerte. They involve medical and education-details will be shared as they develop.
  • Please pray as the Spirit leads for the following pastors, their families, and the churches represented: Pastor Wilmer (San Pedro Sula), Pastor Emilio (La Campa), Pastor Jose Maria (Santa Teresa), Pastor Arturo (Gracias), Pastor Samuel (Mataras), Pastor Roberto (Gracias), Pastor Modesto (Gracias), Pastor Marco Tulio (Cruz Alta), Pastor Amilcar (Monqueta), Pastor Rosita (Gilguarapez), Pastor Jorge (Caiquin) and Pastor Marco Antonio (Olominas), Pastor Walterio Cruz (Tegucigalpa), Pastor Claudio (La Jagua) and Pastor Arnoldo (Coalaca).
  • Finances (see praise below). Please pray for our financial support to continue coming in strongly and consistently.
  • Please pray for our personal prayer lives to grow stronger and stronger. We can run around and do a lot of things, but without prayer we will not bear lasting spiritual fruit.
  • Please pray that we don’t neglect to maintain our relationships in the midst of doing ministry, the most important one being with our Lord, then with each other, then with our friends and family, while we continue to establish ourselves and our ministry in Honduras.
  • Please pray for our faith to stay strong, and grow even stronger, for continued protection from spiritual attack, and for strength when the attacks do come.
  • Please pray for us to be bold and courageous, to not miss any opportunities to glorify God, and to draw people closer to Jesus.


We have lots of praises this month to share with you!

  • Praise God for all of the great teams who have come to serve with us already this year. The amount of lives that have been touched and all of the great ministry that has been done are too much to write about here.
  • Praise God for the three new churches under construction right now in Mezcalillo, La Jagua, and Mataras de Caiquin.
  • Praise God for all of the teams that have come to serve and are coming to serve in July.
  • Praise God because our shipment did finally arrive earlier in June! We are hopeful that there has not been any, or at least much damage, and that we can successfully get it to our home on July 6th.
  • Praise God for not having any serious problems with the truck since March. We’ve had to do some routine maintenance but there have been no serious problems.
  • This summer we had our first intern and it was a very productive time for her and us. We learned from the experience and should the Lord send us more interns we’ll do even better.
  • Praise God for the recent reliability of the electricity and water systems! We’ve not experienced significant outages in La Campa for quite some time now.
  • In March while our team from KY was here one of the ministry activities we did together was to show a movie about the life of Jesus in several communities. The day we were scheduled to show this movie in Mezcalillo, at the home of Gloria Marina, we learned that she had received a letter from the local religious leader telling her not to show this movie. Praise God for her courage to stand firm and allow the movie to be shown. There were about 70 people from the community who came to see the movie that night so many seeds were planted. Praise God for her courage to also host a medical clinic in her home that same week, and for the courage of her three sons to work alongside of us to build the evangelical church in Mezcalillo. We left the previous praise in place but want to share a new praise. We visited Gloria Marina recently and learned about a meeting that the community religious leaders had in which she was the topic of conversation. Someone was saying all kinds of bad things about her at this meeting. After a while the others in the meeting told this person that Gloria is a good and honest person, and that if the person continued giving her a hard time they were all going to start going to the new church that is being built in Mezcalillo.
  • Even though the work is difficult in Arcamón we have reasons to praise God. First, we praise Him for the fact that it is difficult. The difficulties prove to us that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing there. Second, we praise him for the good relationships we have with a few families, including Oliverio, in Arcamón. Third, we praise Him for the good relations we have with the director and teachers of the school in Arcamón. We have an open door to bring our teams into the school to teach the kids as often as possible.
  • Praise God for the continuing increase in our language skills. We both still have so much to learn, but at the same time more and more people are complimenting us on our advances.
  • Praise God for the donations we have received for several different construction projects. We are not a construction ministry per se but construction does have its place and we are grateful for three for sure, and maybe four, new churches and two new Sunday school classrooms and small kitchens at two of our existing churches that will go up this year.
  • We continue to receive encouragement from so many of our friends, praise God for the encouragement from our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Praise God for His continued faithfulness to provide for our needs through our friends and partner churches that faithfully and generously support our ministry.
  • Praise God for the great friends He has brought into our lives in La Campa, San Pedro Sula, and El Progreso. We are especially thankful for Pastor Emilio and his family, the Perez family, Pastor Jorge and his family, Pastor Wilmer and his family, and Tony, Juanita, and Rommel-our Hotel Plaza Victoria family in El Progreso.
  • Praise God for all of our prayer supporters because we can’t do what we do effectively without the prayer support of all of you.

One Comment on “July 2017 Prayers and Praises

  1. Dear Greg and Jean: When I saw your pictures, I had such an outrush of love for both of you that it had to come from the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much for doing what we can’t do. I am excited over the new challenges as well as the victories you are experiencing. I just read this quote online: “Take care of the things that are on God’s heart and He will take care of the things that are on your heart.” Well, you are on my heart tonight and I thank God for you and ask Him to work through you mightily to increase His Kingdom.
    Love in Christ

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