Exciting News!!

In other posts we’ve shared about our first mission teams and how much of a blessing they’ve been. We also shared about our truck challenges that have occupied a fair amount of our time, emotional, and mental energy. But while all of this has been happening we have been busy with other projects that we are very happy to be able to share with all of you.

It’s not news that Family Health & Development Foundation Honduras, FHD Honduras for short, has been established as a Honduran non-profit organization. What is new is that we just received approval from the state of Georgia that our complementary U.S. based non-profit organization, FHD Missions, Inc., has been incorporated! FHD Missions has been established to support the projects and ministries of FHD Honduras. We have a strong board of directors in place for FHD Missions and we are very excited about serving with them.

We are close to finalizing the website that will serve for both FHD Missions and FHD Honduras and will be announcing it’s launch very soon. We still have some work to do in regards to documents and obtaining our 501(c)3 tax exempt status, but while that is going on we are working hard to get the first two FHD Honduras projects off the ground.

The first is developing a sustainable fund to be able to offer assistance to families in crisis. There is no safety net here and economic opportunities are hard to come by so it doesn’t take much for a family to suddenly find themselves struggling with food, medicine, or other basics. This is especially true for the pastors here since they rarely draw any salary from the churches they lead. Because of their level of dedication to their people they often have less time available for other work. So initially we will be focusing our efforts on helping them and their families, but as our capabilities grow so will our ability to help other families.

The other project that is very near to our hearts is The Ruben House. Some of you know Ruben, the struggles he has, and how much he has touched our lives since we first met him. He has been an inspiration to us and we are so blessed to have discovered a way to help him get the therapy and spiritual care that he needs. You’ll be able to read more about Ruben and The Ruben House very soon.

Thank you for all your prayers and support of our ministry. We would not be where we are without you. And we can’t get to where we think God wants us to go without you. As you can imagine, our ministry needs are changing so we would like to ask you for three things:

-Please continue to pray for us, and both boards of directors, as we continue in the projects and ministries that the Lord has given us.

-Please pray about helping us financially with these new ministry opportunities and message us with any questions or ideas you have.

-Please pray about those you know who might be interested in getting involved with us and these projects and tell them about us.

By working together we can continue making a difference. Thank you so much for your friendship and dedication to serving the Lord by being a part of what He is doing in and around La Campa.




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