Our First 2019 Mission Teams

I’ll skip the happy new year greetings since we are almost at the end of February already. We arrived in Honduras on January 7th as planned, did our shopping to restock the pantry and freezer, and made it home on January 8th.

January 25th Meily and Josh, two of our Frontline Missions coworkers, brought the team from Redeemer Church in Michigan to come and do medical clinics with us. Some of you will recall that this team was unable to come to Honduras in January 2018 because of the political situation. Since we didn’t get to see them last year it was extra special to spend a week serving with them this year. We don’t get into the numbers thing very much, but this team attended to 297 people at three medical clinics, and we can confidently say that 14 people chose to follow Jesus and trust Him with their eternal life. Thank you Redeemer team!

Our friends from One Heart Church had to cancel their mission trip last year because of a different political situation and came to serve with us earlier this month. Like the Redeemer team, it was extra special to see them here this year since we missed serving with them last year. This team shared the gospel in three different schools in the La Jagua area during the day through stories, songs, and other activities. Over the course of three evenings in Torre Fuerte, our home church in La Campa, they taught about discipleship, with emphasis on financial stewardship,  spiritual growth in community and fellowship with other believers, and music and sound mixing techniques. Prior to coming to La Campa they spent some time ministering with Pastor Wilmer and his church in San Pedro Sula. Thank you One Heart Church!

We are so blessed by our friends who come to serve with us on short term mission teams. They are such a strategic and important part of our ministry to introduce people to Jesus, help them grow spiritually, and meet physical needs in sustainable ways. We are currently making plans for our friends from the Oldham-Trimble County Baptist Association near Louisville, KY to come and serve with us for two weeks at the end of March into the first part of April. Please pray for us and our teams as we prepare for the ministry to be done.


Redeemer-Dr. Dick & Aisha attending to a patient.


Redeemer-Katheryn & Josh working with the kids.


OHC-Verna & Kenia teaching a Bible verse on the importance of spending time with Jesus.


OHC-Eddie & Chester teaching about teamwork between the musicians and tech team.





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