A Huge Blessing

In the last newsletter we shared a picture of our old Mazda with the hood up behind a chain link fence in Santa Rosa. I had written a post about God’s perfect timing, even in the mechanical failures of our truck. Well, I suspect you’ve already figured out what has happened since then. We were very blessed to be able to purchase a new truck.

Jean and I let go of the dream of ever owning another brand new vehicle years ago. That happened even before we left the U.S. to serve full time in Honduras. When our old Mazda gave it up we began looking for a high quality used Toyota. We received several leads on used trucks that came with very good references regarding the condition and maintenance.

We quickly found out that it is much better to be selling a used Toyota than to be buying-the prices of the used Toyotas were very high. A missionary friend of ours here in Honduras saw our Facebook post and reached out to us. We told her about the leads we had and how much we were hoping to spend. She asked a most unexpected question, “Would you be interested in buying a new Toyota if it didn’t cost that much more than a used one?” We said sure, but how much is “not that much more”?

It turned out that it really wasn’t all that much more. We thought and prayed about it and said yes, we believe we can do that. The used trucks had many more bells and whistles than the new base model truck we bought. But they also already had anywhere from 12,000-31,000 miles. Our truck had almost 0 miles and it came with a 3 year factory warranty from Toyota. So while it did cost a little more on the front end, minus the fancy stuff, it has everything we need, and we think it is a better long term investment for our ministry.

Through the sale of the old Mazda and the very generous donations we received (you know who you are-thank you, thank you, thank you!!) we raised over 50% of what was needed to purchase our new Toyota very quickly.

Through the entire time with our old Mazda, breakdowns and repair bills included, and receiving our huge blessing of a new Toyota we have experienced the goodness and faithfulness of God our Father. His timing is always perfect, He always knows our needs, and He is always faithful to provide. So we thank God and we thank each of you, Dios les bendiga.


Our huge blessing, the Work model Toyota, none of the extras but all of the necessities!

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