Kentucky In Honduras 2019

We had so much fun hosting our largest team of the year during the last week of March and the first week of April. These folks come from several churches in the Oldham-Trimble County Baptist Association. These churches have been faithfully sending teams to different parts of Honduras for nearly 30 years. They have already left quite a legacy here and we are glad that they are still building on that legacy by continuing to come and serve with us.

The first week was spent in and around La Campa, and at La Casa De Rubén in Gracias. Several members of the team served in medical clinics in three different communities. While the medical team was caring for their patients, the children’s ministry team ministered to the kids while they and their moms waited to be seen by the doctors and nurses and to make a visit to the pharmacy. There was also a women’s ministry event in Monqueta that was very special, two showings of the Jesus Film, and a fun family movie night in Torre Fuerte where we showed the movie Courageous-complete with fresh popcorn and soft drinks. The construction guys spent most of their time at La Casa De Rubén helping Pastor Tulio build the two extra bedrooms and bathroom that we need. They also got roped into helping raise a humongous power pole for the new transformer the owner was having installed.

At the end of that week we packed up all the gear, moved most of it back into storage, and then headed to Tela to work with Pastor Franklin and his family in their ministry. We dropped off some of our friends to return to Kentucky after the first week and picked up several more for the second week. There were medical clinics with children’s ministry, a showing of the Jesus Film, a women’s ministry event, and more construction. The guys replaced a 36 year old roof on one church and put the first roof on a new church building.

Many, many lives were touched that week; Lenca, Honduran, and North American. We are not really big on numbers and score keeping but sometimes it is important to share statistics and we think this is one of those times. Over the course of the two weeks almost 1,000 people were served at the medical clinics. During the week in and around La Campa 23 people that we can confidently report made commitments to follow Jesus and 21 more did the same in the communities around Tela. There may or may not be more but we’ll leave that up to the Lord, the One who truly knows the hearts. The pastors and local churches are following up with each of them to help them along in their new path that they’ve chosen. Jean and I are grateful to God first and foremost, but also to our friends from Kentucky for a great two weeks of ministry.


Construction at La Casa De Rubén


Our new power pole the guys helped raise


Medical and Children’s Ministry Team, Week 1


Fresh Popcorn and soft drinks at Torre Fuerte


The Tela Team being introduced and prayed for by Pastor Franklin, Iglesia Bautista Antioquia

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