Blessings Come In Different Packages

The M100,

If you’ve reached this point you probably clicked through from the portion of our June newsletter where there was a picture of two guys working on a plumbing project. The two guys are Shane (the one higher up in the photo) and Dennis, friends of ours from Kentucky. The plumbing project is actually a water purification project, well actually it is a water chlorination project. Dennis understands the science behind it since he’s a science teacher. Since I (Greg) barely made it through high school chemistry my explanation will be of the “for Dummies” variety, you remember, those books that were popular sometime ago that explained complicated things in an easy to understand way.

This system uses a cool little machine that has two chambers; one is for water and salt and the other is for water. There is a metal tube stuck down into one side that is electrically charged and there is a circulating pump. And a car battery providing the electrical charge. The combination of electricity, salt and water creates some sort of chemical reaction that splits stuff apart, puts other stuff together, and kicks other stuff out so that chlorine gas is produced. Sounds dangerous. The pump circulates and mixes the water and chlorine gas together so all of the bad stuff gets killed making the water safe to drink. It sounds much better when Dennis explains it. The bottom line is that we now generate our own purified water for drinking at La Casa De Rubén. And as an extra benefit we are pretty sure that we will be able to use this system to provide chlorinated water (at a different level) for the hydrotherapy pool when we are ready to put that into service.

Training Day

Our other recent blessings came in the form of household appliances. The Lord provided funds in May for us to be able to outfit the house with a large refrigerator more adequate to the needs of the house, a new stove, and a washing machine and dryer. Even right now with only 6 people in the house you can imagine that washing and drying clothes, sheets and towels by hand would be quite time consuming and laborious. We were also able to purchase a lawnmower to make quicker the work of maintaining the yard at La Casa De Rubén. A job that was taking two full days per week with a weed eater now only takes a day. And the yard looks much better too!

During that week in May we were also able to put the roof on the two bedrooms we are building so that more people will be able to come and stay to receive the treatment and healing they need. The week prior to this we got to spend with Lorraine, a friend of ours from Georgia and a missionary, who was a great help to us with documentation and administration of a new ministry project that we hope to roll out by the end of this year.

The construction and water purifier crew

But the greatest blessing that we receive has nothing to do with buildings, water purifiers, or appliances. It’s the people we get to serve with and serve. It’s the experiences we get to have with them while serving together. It’s the blessing of being able to watch God work in La Campa and the surrounding villages. We are blessed when He brings new people into the story and how He touches their hearts and minds. We are blessed when people that were once “new” to Honduras return to serve here again and again. We are blessed to see God birth new ministries. We are equally blessed to see Him nurture and develop the new ministries into more mature ministries. It is a blessing when God brings an end to a ministry too although that one is usually harder to recognize in the moment as a blessing. Remember what Jesus said about the grain of wheat; that it must fall into the soil and die in order to produce more. Sometimes that has to happen to ministries too. Sometimes God has to shut something down in order to birth something new.

For us a lot has changed in the last year. Some of that change has not been easy. But looking back we can see God’s loving hand in all of it. At the same time a lot of things have remained the same too. As we say, our calling is always to share the love and truth about Jesus with as many people as possible. That calling will never change. But the ways we do it can change. So our greatest blessing, besides God himself, is all of you who are part of what God is doing here in Honduras, where He has knit us together. Thank you so much for obeying God and joining in what He is doing here in and through us.

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