First Baptist Church Atlanta In La Campa 2019

Pastor Arturo & Wendy giving each team member a very special personal gift.

Well, in Gracias more this year but close enough since Gracias has become our home away from home! What a blessing it was to host this team of friends again this year from First Baptist Atlanta. They returned to lead teachings from the Bible based on Life Principles developed by Charles Stanley and to teach and equip leaders and teachers for teaching ministries in their local churches. There were two day long conferences offered in Gracia Abundante in Gracias and at Ministerio Cristiano Vida in San Marcos de Caiquin. We can’t thank Pastor Arturo and Pastor Jorge enough respectively for organizing and hosting these conferences!

In addition to the teaching that was done there were many resource materials that were given to those in attendance to add to their toolboxes to better equip them in the work of teaching and making disciples. We also want to say a big “Thank You!” to the folks at Passion City Church and In Touch Ministries for the materials provided for these pastors, teachers and leaders.

The team spent a day visiting both La Casa de Rubén and CRILE. Most of you know by now that La Casa de Rubén is the house God has allowed us to open to serve as a place where people who live far away from CRILE can come and stay to receive the physical therapy they need but can’t get in the communities where they live. You can visit for more information about our project La Casa ee Rubén.

Dr. Maria, our Executive Director with Dora, Rubén’s physical therapist at Crile.

CRILE is the non profit physical therapy center located in Gracias providing quality and affordable therapy to those who can get there. The team learned very quickly that there is much more happening at CRILE than just physical therapy. The team spent a couple of hours observing the therapy that was being done. But more importantly, they began to make connections. They connected with the therapists, especially Dora, the therapist who has been assigned to work with Rubén. They also began to make connections with some of the patients in just a short amount of time. You see, the thing bigger than the therapy that is happening is community. Our time at CRILE concluded with a group prayer right in the middle of the therapy room!

And of course the team came and spent several hours at La Casa de Rubén getting to meet Pastor Tulio, his wife Lourdes, Rubén and his younger sister Marlen for the first time. They all had heard very much about them and this ministry so it was a special time to have them there to see and experience it in person. What an encouragement they were to us and to everyone they came into contact with at both locations.



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