Short Term Mission Team News

Short term mission team ministry holds a special place in our hearts and continues to be an important part of our ministry here in Honduras and 2020 is off to a great start!

About two weeks after our return from the states the Redeemer Church team came to serve with us for the third time. However, this

Some of the Redeemer Team men working hard in Otolaca.

team has a much longer history of serving in Honduras as they’ve been going to Flower Mountain to minister to the Tolupan people for 18 years. We are so thankful for their faithfulness. After spending their first week in Flower Mountain the team came to La Campa and did medical clinics in three communities serving almost 450 people. The people they saw received medication and vitamins but more importantly they were each prayed for and heard about the God of the universe and the great love He has for them. Several of the guys worked on a church construction project in a community called Otolaca. As you can see from the picture the walls are being made using adobe blocks. It has been quite some time since I worked on an adobe construction project so I had forgotten just how heavy those blocks are. We all agreed that somehow they seemed to be heavier later in the day.

Redeemer at La Casa de Rubén.

In addition to these ministries the team spent a day with us at La Casa de Rubén and CRILE (the physical therapy center). At CRILE they saw first hand the amazing work that is being done there, they met Dora, Rubén’s primary therapist, and they prayed for her, all the staff, and the patients who were there. We then went to La Casa de Rubén. Last January this team met Rubén in Mescalillo not too long before he moved into La Casa de Rubén. It was a special blessing for the team to see him again, and to see just how much he has improved in less than a year of staying at the house, receiving proper care and nutrition and physical therapy. Their visit concluded with a powerful prayer time that encouraged Rubén, his sister Marlen, and Jean and me very much.


OHC ministering to children in La Campa.

About a week after the Redeemer team left our second team for 2020 from One Heart Church in Norcross, GA returned to Honduras. This was a small team in numbers but large in impact. Last year one of the things they did was teaching in the areas of worship and sound mixing in our La Campa home church, Torre Fuerte. This year they blessed the church with more training, but they also brought some equipment to significantly upgrade the sound system helping the church to excel more in providing a quality and dynamic worship experience. The team ministered to nearly 200 children in two schools, preached and shared the word in three churches and held an evening conference on faithfulness and multiplication to encourage the church members and pastors in these topics.

OHC Team (one team member not pictured) at La Casa de Rubén.

This team also spent a day with us visiting the hospital, a children’s transition home, CRILE and La Casa de Rubén. At the hospital we prayed for many patients and staff members and at the transition home they ministered to the children who were there. For the first time they too saw first hand all that is happening at CRILE and prayed for the patients and staff. And then we had another very powerful time at La Casa de Rubén. Like the Redeemer team, some of the team members had previously met Rubén when he was still in Mezcalillo. This team visited La Casa de Rubén last year just as we had begun getting it ready for opening day. It was powerful for them to see the changes that had taken place since their last visit. Another blessing for them was to meet Rosalina, our newest guest patient to stay at La Casa de Rubén.

We could not have asked for two better teams to kick off our year of short term mission team ministry and we can’t thank them enough for all that they did to serve the Lord by serving the people of Honduras, and how much of an encouragement they were to Jean and me.

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity.”-Psalm 133:1

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