March Prayers & Praises


Jean and I returned from our 2022 stateside visit on January 3rd and have been very busy in various ministry activities from the moment we arrived. God blessed us personally, our efforts, and the ministry He has entrusted to us positioning us for another great year of ministry and growth.

As always Jean and I are most grateful for your prayers for us and the ministry. Below are a few specific prayer requests and praises that we would like to share with you this month.

  • Please pray for us as we have kicked off new Bible studies at LCDR this month; Jean is leading a women’s Bible study and Greg is leading one for the men. Please pray for us as we study and prepare our weekly lessons, and for the Lord to use these studies in a tremendous way in all of our lives.
  • We are praising God for a very successful fundraising trip last year! He provided for all of the major fundraising goals that we had at that time. We are most grateful to the Lord and to the faithful donors who give sacrificially to this ministry.
  • Last year the Lord provided funds for two hip replacement surgeries, one for Nohemi and one for Seidi. Please pray for us as we work with the doctors to schedule these surgeries. We took Nohemi to a hospital that was recommended to us in January for a consultation but we are not confident that the procedure suggested is what she really needs, and they can’t do the surgery until next January. Please pray that we receive the wisdom that we need to make sure she gets the exact surgery she needs and that we can find a way to have the surgery done sooner.
  • Please pray for the Lord to provide funds needed for three MRIs that are needed.
  • Please pray for Rosalina and her family in the death of one of her brothers that happened today (March 14).
  • Please pray for Lord to send rain to Honduras. It has been a much drier than usual dry season and the forecast is for this to continue possibly through May. There are already many communities whose water sources have dried up. Where the water source hasn’t dried up rationing is in place so we are all dealing with periods of days without water. In our part of La Campa we just went through four days without water, it came back for about half a day and is now off again.
  • Please pray for some recently discovered health situations with some of our family members stateside.
  • Praise God because the word is getting out about La Casa De Rubén. We have recently begun working with a representative from a remote community almost 2 hours away from Gracias who has brought us 6 new patients with various types of disabilities. All of them have received their initial consultations and three of them are scheduled to visit specialists in Gracias March 11th. Please pray for them, and for us at LCDR as we walk through the treatment and therapy process.
  • There are some with disabilities who do not need to come and stay at La Casa De Rubén but the quality of their lives can be greatly improved with transportation or specialized equipment. Please pray for us to receive donations sufficient for us to purchase a larger mobility bus and for us to find the equipment that some of them need and for the ability to get it back to Honduras when we return. We are praising God for a donation we received to purchase a bigger mobility bus. The ministry now has a 2017 Ford Starcraft shuttle bus with a wheelchair lift that will accommodate two wheelchair patients and 12 others. With this bus we can minimize the number of trips to the rehabilitation center by taking more patients per trip and we can serve more people with disabilities who need transportation.
  • Please pray for the continued spiritual growth and development of everyone at La Casa De Rubén.
  • Please continue to pray for all of the students we have in our scholarship program.
  • We are praising God for the new church plant that we have been working on in a small community called Los Positos and that God has provided the funds needed for construction. We’ve had delays in starting the construction due to a heavy rainy season in the mountains to finish out 2022. From there we went straight into the coffee harvest which is just now finishing so please pray for no more delays and to be able to finally break ground this month.
  • Please pray for us as we have discussions about short term mission teams coming in 2023. Please pray for God to move in some new opportunities and for Him to encourage others to return as short-term mission teams have been an important part of our community outreach. Praise: God it is very likely that we will receive teams in 2023 near pre-Covid levels. Since God is the One who provides the teams, we will trust Him to provide the strength we need to plan well and host every team with excellence.

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