FHD Honduras

We’ve mentioned this in a couple of our newsletters during the last year and we are very excited to officially announce the creation of a new non profit foundation called, as you can tell by our logo, Family Health & Development Foundation Honduras.

Final English Logo Round Sept 2018As we have learned more about the opportunities to serve others through healthcare and community development projects it became clear to us that the time had arrived to do something different, and to ensure compliance with the Honduran government.

So while we will continue to serve as missionaries with Frontline Missions we are also serving as the founding members of this organization along with our board of directors, partners, and supporters. While the activities of the two organizations are complimentary projects and activities will be administered under the organization that is best suited for the project.

The bottom line is that as our opportunities to make a greater impact and investment in healthcare and community development projects increase we need to have a legally recognized non profit organization in Honduras. We are now in the process of forming a tax exempt 501c(3) status corporation in the U.S. to support the operations here. We expect this to be completed soon.

While we have identified several projects\opportunities for FHD Honduras it is still a work in progress learning exactly what we can do and how we can do it working within the guidelines of the existing healthcare system. As we confirm projects and opportunities we will share them with you.


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