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An Update From La Casa De Rubén

In our last nLogo PNG La Casa de Rubénewsletter we introduced you to our newest project La Casa De Rubén. La Casa De Rubén is a place for people who live far away from Gracias in the rural communities we serve to come and stay so that they can receive the physical therapy they need to regain mobility. Healthy bodies are great, but it’s even better to have a healthy mind and soul to go with it so programs will be offered to assist in these areas as well.

We signed a lease for the house at the end of March and began officially renting it April 1st. The owner did a lot of things to make the house ready for us including installing a new transformer bringing a much needed upgrade of the electrical service to support our needs. The house was also painted inside and out using colors very suitable for the purpose of the house.

The house has three bedrooms with a private bathroom connected to each-very unusual here. In order to maximize the use of the house for our guest patients we are building, with the help of our friends from Kentucky, two extra bedrooms and a full bath behind the house for the La Casa De Rubén staff.

Speaking of staff…Actually the word staff is inadequate to express the relationships we have with the people who will be running the house. First, we have Maria Mercedes as our foundation director, and she will also serve as the manager of La Casa De Rubén. We have hired Pastor Marco Tulio and his wife Lourdes to be the primary caretakers of the guest patients and the house Monday through Friday. A woman from La Campa named Angela whom we have come to appreciate greatly will be doing the same on the weekends. We’ll be sharing more about them in future blog posts.

Besides the staffing we have been busy managing the construction, buying supplies that we need to get started and meeting with carpenters about building cabinets and shelving units. We just finished our policies and procedures and will be finishing the design on other signage that is needed for the inside of the house.We’ve accomplished much but there remains much more to do. But ready or not, Pastor Tulio, Lourdes, and their little girl will be moving in on April 22, and then on the 26th Rubén and his younger sister Marlen will be moving into the house. We can’t wait for the 26th, this is a day we’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

We will be posting updates about La Casa De Rubén here in our blog and in our newsletter but we also have a Facebook page. Please look for FHD Honduras on Facebook to keep up with the latest updates on the progress and needs. When you go to our page please give us a “like” if you haven’t done so already, and share it with all of your friends.

Please pray for us, this project, and for our first guest patient Rubén. His first few weeks of therapy will be very, very demanding-much more than he probably realizes. We are also in need of financial support for this project. If the Lord has touched your heart and you have been blessed with the ability to give, and you are looking for a new ministry project to support, we would really appreciate your choosing La Casa De Rubén. Please contact us with any questions.

Thank you all so much, God bless.




February 2019 Prayers & Praises

It has been quite some time since we sent out a formal list of prayers and praises. As we were thinking about everything that could be shared two thoughts came to mind. First, there is a lot to share, but, we need to be more focused and to the point. Second, the prayers and praises so often go hand in hand that it can be hard to follow when they are split between different sections. So we decided to try combining them by topic. Where combined the prayers will be in black and the praises will be in red.

To get the “rest of the story” that goes along with the prayers and praises please visit:


Many of you know that we began a season of assessment, change, and growth in our ministry towards the end of last year. It has been a challenging but worthwhile process to go through. The Lord helped us to assess our purposes for being here more closely which led us to develop a clearer focus and vision for our ministry. He confirmed the things that we are to continue doing, opened new doors for us, and revealed areas and projects we needed to disconnect from in order to focus on the ministry He has for us where He put us. Please continue to pray for us to hear clearly and be obedient.

  • Please pray for our new organizations that have been formed to allow us to pursue the new ministry opportunities the Lord has brought to us. Family Health & Development Foundation Honduras (FHD Honduras for short) is the Honduras non-profit organization; FHD Missions, Inc. is the complementary U.S. non-profit organization that will serve to support and guide the activities of FHD Honduras. We praise God for His favor and wisdom in the creation of these new organizations. We ask for prayer for Jean and me and for the boards of both organizations as we work to establish and fund the projects that are being developed.
  • Part of our renewed focus led us to “adopt” four communities so please join us in prayer for Coalaca, La Jagua, Mezcalillo and Cruz Alta, and the pastors of the churches in these communities. These are the communities where we will invest most of our ministry time and resources more consistently to encourage growth and transformation.
  • Please pray for Frontline Missions with whom we continue to serve in Honduras. It has been a long season of change for us. Please pray for wisdom for everyone serving Frontline to know how and where to serve the Lord. Please pray for Heidi Winter and the board as they work together to establish a clear vision and direction for Frontline Missions. Praise God for how He has used Frontline in our lives, in Honduras, and in many other places around the world.
  • Many of you have prayed for a long time about our old truck. We hoped to get another year out of it but that was not the plan as the motor failed earlier this month. We praise God for the help with transportation we’ve received while being without our truck, and for the generous donations we have received to help us with the cost of a new truck. Please join us in prayer for additional financial support to help us pay off the balance of what is owed for the truck purchase, and the bill for the rental truck we had to get while waiting for our new truck. Monday February 25thwe hope to be going to SPS to pick up our new truck.
  • Please pray for our young friend Ruben from Mezcalillo. For the first time last month Ruben shared with us how discouraged he has become because of his physical condition. He has been the inspiration for our first Foundation project that will help him get the care that he needs. We will be sharing more about this project with Ruben when we visit him next week.
  • We need to ask you to prayer for that project, The Ruben House. The Ruben House will be the place for him and others like him, to stay near to the care they need in order to regain mobility and independence. The needs are great for this project so please pray for wisdom and funding. Please prayerfully consider how you could be a part of this project with us. There are more ways to be a part other than by sending money.
  • Praise God for the first two teams that have come to Honduras this year and for the teams scheduled to come throughout the rest of the year. Please pray for us as we finalize details for the team from KY coming down at the end of March for a two week trip.
  • Please pray for Pastor Emilio, his family, and Ministerio Torre Fuerte here in La Campa. Please pray for peace, protection, wisdom, and continued spiritual growth and impact in the community.
  • Please pray for Pastor Jorge, his family, and his ministry in Caiquin and Coalaca. Please pray for peace, protection, wisdom, and continued spiritual growth and impact in the community.


Exciting News!!

In other posts we’ve shared about our first mission teams and how much of a blessing they’ve been. We also shared about our truck challenges that have occupied a fair amount of our time, emotional, and mental energy. But while all of this has been happening we have been busy with other projects that we are very happy to be able to share with all of you.

It’s not news that Family Health & Development Foundation Honduras, FHD Honduras for short, has been established as a Honduran non-profit organization. What is new is that we just received approval from the state of Georgia that our complementary U.S. based non-profit organization, FHD Missions, Inc., has been incorporated! FHD Missions has been established to support the projects and ministries of FHD Honduras. We have a strong board of directors in place for FHD Missions and we are very excited about serving with them.

We are close to finalizing the website that will serve for both FHD Missions and FHD Honduras and will be announcing it’s launch very soon. We still have some work to do in regards to documents and obtaining our 501(c)3 tax exempt status, but while that is going on we are working hard to get the first two FHD Honduras projects off the ground.

The first is developing a sustainable fund to be able to offer assistance to families in crisis. There is no safety net here and economic opportunities are hard to come by so it doesn’t take much for a family to suddenly find themselves struggling with food, medicine, or other basics. This is especially true for the pastors here since they rarely draw any salary from the churches they lead. Because of their level of dedication to their people they often have less time available for other work. So initially we will be focusing our efforts on helping them and their families, but as our capabilities grow so will our ability to help other families.

The other project that is very near to our hearts is The Ruben House. Some of you know Ruben, the struggles he has, and how much he has touched our lives since we first met him. He has been an inspiration to us and we are so blessed to have discovered a way to help him get the therapy and spiritual care that he needs. You’ll be able to read more about Ruben and The Ruben House very soon.

Thank you for all your prayers and support of our ministry. We would not be where we are without you. And we can’t get to where we think God wants us to go without you. As you can imagine, our ministry needs are changing so we would like to ask you for three things:

-Please continue to pray for us, and both boards of directors, as we continue in the projects and ministries that the Lord has given us.

-Please pray about helping us financially with these new ministry opportunities and message us with any questions or ideas you have.

-Please pray about those you know who might be interested in getting involved with us and these projects and tell them about us.

By working together we can continue making a difference. Thank you so much for your friendship and dedication to serving the Lord by being a part of what He is doing in and around La Campa.




God’s Timing Is Always Perfect?

We know that is true, but sometimes it seems more like a question than a statement of fact. We have been going through one of those times.

Many of you will recall the struggles we’ve had with our old Mazda for the last year or two especially. We’ve experienced a few roadside breakdowns and major repairs. While roadside breakdowns are never welcomed we’ve been blessed in the timing of those in that we’ve never had a team relying on the truck at the time; they have occurred only when it was us relying on the truck. The expense of major repairs is never welcomed either but until this month we’ve been able to weather the storm of major repairs.

Earlier this month our truck had been giving us some hints that she might need a little attention so another trip to our mechanic in Santa Rosa was planned for the 5th. We had plans to drive about 3 hours to the annual HFMM conference we attend for missionaries serving in Honduras on the 7th so we wanted to make sure she was up for the trip. Even more so because the team from OHC was coming down to serve with us on the heels of the conference.

On the way to the mechanic the truck overheated. It had done that while idling the afternoon before so I was ready with water just in case. I popped the radiator cap off very carefully to let the steam escape, then added more water. At that point I was hopeful that maybe it was just a bad thermostat. I was 2/3 of the way there so I figured everything would be ok for the rest of the trip. However, that wasn’t the case. Within two minutes of starting the truck the temperature and pressure in the cooling system shot up almost immediately. I shut it down before it red lined and then I started making phone calls. Fortunately I was near a great little coffee shop I hadn’t been to in quite some time. The coffee, baleadas and ticucos were fantastic.

Shortly after rope-towing the truck the rest of the way to Santa Rosa, and a quick review by the mechanic, it became apparent that there were serious internal problems in the motor. Considering all that we had already spent trying to keep her on the road and the overall condition, it became clear that the time to say goodbye to the Mazda had come. It just didn’t make sense to invest that kind of money to put her back on the road.

Missionary friends of ours helped with transportation back to La Campa and then to the conference. We are so thankful to them for helping us so that we did not have to miss the conference this year because it is an important time of learning and refreshment mentally and spiritually for us. Then our friend who we rent trucks from for our teams brought one of his rentals to us at the conference on Saturday afternoon so we could leave Sunday morning to meet the OHC team in San Pedro Sula.

So far God’s timing is pretty perfect. We began to look for a gently used Toyota Hilux (the gold standard here for quality and reliability) and quickly discovered that having a used Hilux to sell is much better than needing to buy one-the prices are nearly that of buying a new one. You might not get as many bells and whistles with the new one but still… We don’t need bells and whistles anyway. We need a big enough truck for teams with the durability to serve us in ministry where we live.

A friend of ours began to help us go down the path of buying a new, base model Toyota that comes with a 3 year warranty. So many other of our friends and supporting churches began taking up offerings to help us with the cost of the truck. Within a few days of the breakdown we had the truck picked out and began the purchasing process. The process is where the period was replaced by a question mark on the title of this article.

Why did the breakdown happen when it did? Why is it so much more complicated to buy a new truck here than it is in the U.S.? Why are so many papers needed? Why do you learn about all the papers that are needed one or two at a time? Why, why, why? Nobody, not our friends who helped, not the people at the Toyota dealership, not the people at the banks both here and in the U.S. did anything wrong. The process just is what it is, and sometimes the process takes longer than we want or need.

Our new truck was finally released from inventory and available for us to pick up on Saturday February 23rd. Because of the big festival in La Campa it was not really good for us to leave on Friday afternoon, spend the night in SPS, and come back Saturday evening. Why did it have to happen now? Why did we have to spend so much for the rental truck? More whys. Can you imagine how tired God must get of hearing us ask Him “Why?” all the time?

The bottom line is that God never promised that life as a follower of Jesus would be easy. And He never intended for us to be able to understand why (there it is again) He does and\or allows things to happen the way they do. Based on who He is, He has asked us to trust Him, to believe that He has our best in mind, to believe that He knows what He is doing, and to have faith that He will work things out in His timing.  So that is where we have been for the last few weeks-whipsawing back and forth between resting and trusting in Him and His timing, and freaking out because it is taking sooooo long.

Despite the timing of all of this, God’s greatness has been on display for us through all of the help and encouragement that we’ve received, and all that we’ve learned. Not only what we’ve learned about the process of buying a new truck in Honduras and international banking, but more importantly, learning on a more personal and deeper level just how much God loves us and how perfect is His timing-even though we don’t understand everything.


Jean and the old Mazda, in better times…



Our First 2019 Mission Teams

I’ll skip the happy new year greetings since we are almost at the end of February already. We arrived in Honduras on January 7th as planned, did our shopping to restock the pantry and freezer, and made it home on January 8th.

January 25th Meily and Josh, two of our Frontline Missions coworkers, brought the team from Redeemer Church in Michigan to come and do medical clinics with us. Some of you will recall that this team was unable to come to Honduras in January 2018 because of the political situation. Since we didn’t get to see them last year it was extra special to spend a week serving with them this year. We don’t get into the numbers thing very much, but this team attended to 297 people at three medical clinics, and we can confidently say that 14 people chose to follow Jesus and trust Him with their eternal life. Thank you Redeemer team!

Our friends from One Heart Church had to cancel their mission trip last year because of a different political situation and came to serve with us earlier this month. Like the Redeemer team, it was extra special to see them here this year since we missed serving with them last year. This team shared the gospel in three different schools in the La Jagua area during the day through stories, songs, and other activities. Over the course of three evenings in Torre Fuerte, our home church in La Campa, they taught about discipleship, with emphasis on financial stewardship,  spiritual growth in community and fellowship with other believers, and music and sound mixing techniques. Prior to coming to La Campa they spent some time ministering with Pastor Wilmer and his church in San Pedro Sula. Thank you One Heart Church!

We are so blessed by our friends who come to serve with us on short term mission teams. They are such a strategic and important part of our ministry to introduce people to Jesus, help them grow spiritually, and meet physical needs in sustainable ways. We are currently making plans for our friends from the Oldham-Trimble County Baptist Association near Louisville, KY to come and serve with us for two weeks at the end of March into the first part of April. Please pray for us and our teams as we prepare for the ministry to be done.


Redeemer-Dr. Dick & Aisha attending to a patient.


Redeemer-Katheryn & Josh working with the kids.


OHC-Verna & Kenia teaching a Bible verse on the importance of spending time with Jesus.


OHC-Eddie & Chester teaching about teamwork between the musicians and tech team.





Soles & Souls

Below is an article (with pictures) that I wrote for the July edition of the Bookfun Magazine. It is an on-line publication featuring family and Christian oriented authors. Every month there are many encouraging articles and it is a great way to learn of new Christian authors. So if you enjoy reading and being encouraged please visit


Now that July is upon us it has forced me to realize that half of 2018 has already passed. Where does the time go? June was an extremely busy month for us as we hosted four consecutive mission teams from the U.S. here in Honduras. As you are thinking about 4th of July celebrations, and maybe a family vacation, I’d like to share one story with you about something that happened during a visit from one of our June teams.

Every year we are blessed by a team who comes down and ministers to children in schools, works on a construction project-usually a new church building-and shares the gospel while distributing water filters. As you might imagine there is a lack of safe, filtered\purified water in much of Honduras.

While we want to bless families with improved physical health we are ultimately interested in their spiritual health. As Christians we believe that we are eternal beings as we have been created in the image of God himself. According to the Bible the choice is ours where we will spend eternity; either in God’s presence in a place of perfection, peace and rest, or, in a place completely separated from God’s presence where there is nothing but pain, suffering, and regret.

As important as is our physical health much more important is our spiritual health. These water filters are a great evangelism tool because they serve as simple illustrations, and great segues, that help people give a clear presentation of the gospel. For example, the Bible says that Jesus is the Living Water so it is easy to move the conversation from purified water to Living Water. Another example is that the water filters are a free gift just like the gift of salvation offered by God through Jesus.

So much for the short introduction. Last month with one of our teams we visited a very materially poor community about four hours from La Campa and near the capital city Tegucigalpa. One afternoon after a great morning spent ministering to children in a small school we went door to door with our buckets and water filters in the community surrounding the new church we were building. We prayed together and then set out on foot from the construction site anxious, in a mostly good way, to see what God had in store for us that afternoon. We walked for about fifteen minutes until we reached the first house. As soon as we got started I received a phone call from one of our interpreters at the construction site. Something had come up and the vehicle I was driving had to be moved.

Setting out on Foot

Setting Out on Foot to Visit Families

Just as we were starting I had to walk back to the construction site and move my vehicle. I was a little upset about this, mostly at myself because I should not have parked the van where I did. While on my way back a woman with a small child asked me if she could have a filter. She lives in the opposite direction of where the team was going but I told her we would do our best to come and visit with her and continued on my way, still a little upset.

Since it was late in the afternoon I decided to bring the van with me to where the team was since we were going to leave together anyway. The woman I had talked to earlier decided she wasn’t going to take any chances on me and went to where the team was. In addition to her a few more families had gathered at the first house.

There was an older woman named Cristina in the small group and she was not wearing any shoes. While this was an obviously materially poor community someone without shoes does not necessarily mean that they don’t have shoes. In the rural parts of Honduras, like rural parts of the U.S., some people like to go shoeless. However, we learned that this was not the case with Cristina when, after the presentation, she asked us if we had any shoes for her.


Cristina Without Shoes

Our first thought was no, we have water filters but no shoes. And then we remembered something. One of our previous teams had left a grocery bag in the back of the van under a seat and inside that bag was a pair of slightly used gym shoes. Unknown to me Jean had asked multiple times if anyone from those teams was missing a pair of shoes but nobody claimed them. We pulled the shoes out of the bag and gave them to Cristina. We still don’t know whose they were but we are so grateful we had them.

After dinner we always have a time for the team members to share and reflect about the events of the day. Like many of our teams this team was divided into two groups. About half served at the construction site and the other half did ministry in other locations. Since we can’t be in two places at the same time there are a lot of things that happen that everyone does not get to experience directly. Because of that the evening share time is almost always a special time to hear about the things God did at the other locations.

The evening of the day that we gave the shoes to Cristina was no exception. Several members of the team shared about the different ways they had seen God at work throughout the day and how they had been impacted. But then Karla, one of our interpreters, said she had something to share. I thought to myself that there would be nothing new or exciting because I had served with her all day in the same places. I thought that whatever she had to share I already knew about.

But, our God is a God of surprises and He often humbles me when I think I know everything that He has been up to. Karla began to tell a shoe story. She began by saying she met a woman who asked her for a pair of shoes. I thought to myself, ok, she is going to tell the Cristina shoe story. But then she said she went to the woman’s house by herself so I knew this was a different shoe story. The woman Karla talked to has a son and he had outgrown his gym shoes. He needed them for obvious reasons but she said she did not have the money to get him new shoes and asked if the team had shoes.

The team did not have shoes. Water filters yes, but shoes no. And we had already come up with a pair of shoes for Cristina. But God, as He always is, was at work in this situation long before us. While Karla was at home packing and preparing to spend two weeks serving with us and our first two teams she saw an old pair of gym shoes. She heard that still small voice tell her to pack the shoes.  Like most of us, she questioned the Lord about what she had heard. Why should I take these shoes? I don’t have the room for them in my suitcase. What need of another pair of shoes do I have? Imagine that, questioning the Lord of the universe who knows everything! But we all have.

The Lord was very patient with her as He is with all of us. And every time she questioned why He simply said to pack the shoes. Karla finally agreed and packed the shoes. When she went to the woman’s house and heard her story and need she then understood why the Lord had been so patiently insistent about her packing the shoes. The shoes were the exact size that the woman’s son needed.

I don’t know about you but so often I am looking for the big thing that the Lord wants to do with me or through me. There are times in our lives where the Lord does big things in and through us. There are times when He asks us to make big, life changing decisions. But there are so many more times that He asks us to do little things like pack a pair of old gym shoes. I am afraid to think about all of the times I have heard His still, small voice, and ignored Him. Or let myself get distracted to the point that I forgot about what I heard. Or questioned what I heard to the point that I talked myself out of doing what I heard Him tell me to do.

Our God is a God of the big things but He is also a God of the details, of the little things. Little things like old shoes. When you hear that voice, His quiet, gentle voice, telling you to do something that seems insignificant, I encourage you to be obedient immediately. Do what He is telling you because while it may seem insignificant to you, it is of tremendous importance to Him, and to the person He wants to bless through you.

Old Shoes

Old Shoes Can Be a Blessing

July 2018 Prayers and Praises

Please join us in these prayers and praises to God for all that He has done.

“In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice;
In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch.”-Psalm 5:3


  • Please pray for the spiritual health of all of the churches we are serving with here in Honduras. Please pray for the spiritual health of the pastors, their families, and the congregations. There have been some things happen recently reminding us that we need to be on the alert because the enemy is always looking to divide and destroy. Update: God has been at work in some of these situations, particularly so in one church that went through some difficulties earlier this year but things have turned around dramatically recently.
  • Along the line of the first prayer request please pray for wisdom for us as we review what we have been doing, assess the success, and determine if there are changes that need to be made to improve. We believe the Lord is leading us to narrow our focus to a few communities so that we can spend more time in those communities and churches to help bring about real transformation. We’ve gotten spread pretty thin and it seems that we only get to spend very short amounts of time in lots of places and we’re not sure that is what is needed going forward. It seems that perhaps fewer healthier churches are better than a whole bunch of churches just barely hanging on, and there are a couple of churches here that are hanging on more than thriving right now. Update: We have received clarity as to how to move forward and concentrate our efforts a little better. There are still some decisions to be made but we think that we have more clear direction now.
  • Please continue to pray for a young man named Ruben whom we met in Mezcalillo last year. Ruben is paralyzed from the neck down. We’ve not been able to see him in quite some time now so we don’t know how he is doing but we assume he is still struggling with several physical issues related to his spinal cord injury. Update: we have visited Ruben a few more times and he is doing better but we still haven’t found an affordable way to get him the regular physical therapy that he needs. Please pray for the resources and place for him to stay to become available. We believe that with 6-9 months of intense therapy he can be much more self reliant but it will take a lot to get him to that point.
  • Please pray for the ministry of the new church in Mezcalillo, and pray that the new believers there will live out their responsibility to share the gospel with their neighbors.
  • Please pray for us as we continue making plans for our teams coming in July-September. Teams are already booking dates in 2019 too!
  • Please continue to pray for the family of Gloria Marina. She and her family live in Mezcalillo and they were the first family of Christ followers we found there in January 2016. They continue to face some very difficult personal situations right now. Update: Please pray specifically for a full recovery for Gloria Marina-she fell and broke her arm right at the wrist. She too will need physical therapy once the cast is removed to regain full use of her arm and hand.
  • Please continue to pray for San Cristobal; the work has been restarted and we are beginning to see some fruit. Please pray for the church to grow, that the Holy Spirit will move mightily, and that more people will choose to follow Jesus.
  • Please continue to pray for Pastor Claudio, his family, and his church. In partnership with a church in the Atlanta area we helped them with the construction of a church in their community called La Jagua. We are also doing evangelism with them in four communities and many people have been receptive to the message of hope and salvation available through Jesus Christ. Update: Our relationship with this pastor and church continues to grow. We are spending more time in these communities and there is much fruit. It looks like we’ll be working in this area for quite some time.
  • Please pray for Pastor Emilio, his family, and the congregation of Torre Fuerte here in La Campa. Please pray for peace, protection, wisdom, and continued spiritual growth and impact in the community.
  • Please pray for us as we begin to finish the guest house on our property that was started some time ago. We have begun the work and we trust that God, as He has always done, will provide what we need to complete the house so that it can be used for ministry. Our goal is to have this house ready by the end of 2018. Update-we have our plans and God has His plans, and His plans are always better even though sometimes He surprises us. Because of a new situation we find ourselves needing to finish the house within the next couple of weeks. It has been a strain from the financial side and having to manage another project right now but the Lord is providing the resources and we are close to the finish line. Update #2: We did not finish the house in a couple of weeks but it was finished enough for a family to move into when needed. There are still some little things remaining to be done but the main projects are completed.
  • Please pray for us to receive our residency cards. Our papers for the next two years were approved but it is taking longer than usual to get our actual cards that make doing many things much easier.
  • Please pray for wisdom as we share, and for people to be receptive to the message of love, forgiveness, and salvation available through Jesus Christ.
  • Please pray against a spirit of fear that controls a lot of people we meet. Many people hear the truth and know they need to make a change but they are afraid for lots of different reasons. The reasons aren’t that important, just that they find courage and strength to not be scared or intimidated by others.
  • Please pray for the continued encouragement from our friends and family in the states. It is amazing what a blessing it is to receive even a short note from loved ones.
  • Please continue to pray for the reliability of our truck. Update: We have had another breakdown and major repair, and all of the other little things keep adding up as the truck ages. It is 8 years old with only 116,000 miles but the miles are much harder here. We really need a newer, higher quality truck. Please pray for God to provide this need for us. It is becoming increasingly difficult to rely on this truck to transport us, but more importantly, our teams.
  • To aid in minimizing the wear and tear on our truck, and a new truck whenever the Lord provides one, we need to make an investment in our road. We put in a nice concrete slab\bridge earlier this year to keep it from washing out at the bottom where the water drains from above. That has helped that part but we’ve been “patching” up the rest of the road periodically but it is a losing battle. Paving the entire road is not possible. However, we can strategically excavate and put down concrete\rock pathways for the truck. We also need to improve the runoff to prevent future damage. Please pray for the resources for this project.
  • Please pray for us, Dr. Maria, and the entire board of directors for the Family Health and Development Foundation Honduras. We will have much to share with all of you when we return to the states later this year. Please pray specifically about helping us to find medical equipment, office equipment, supplies, computers, etc. We are very new to this so any connections you can help us make are greatly needed and appreciated.
  • Please pray as the Spirit leads for the following pastors, their families, and the churches represented: Pastor Wilmer (San Pedro Sula), Pastor Emilio (La Campa), Pastor Jose Maria (Santa Teresa), Pastor Arturo (Gracias), Pastor Roberto (Gracias), Pastor Modesto (Gracias), Pastor Marco Tulio (Cruz Alta), Pastor Amilcar (Monqueta), Pastor Rosita (Gilguarapez), Pastor Jorge (Caiquin) and Pastor Marco Antonio (Olominas), Pastor Walterio (Tegucigalpa), Pastor Claudio (La Jagua) and Pastor Arnaldo (Coalaca), Pastor Franklin (Tela), and Pastor Fredy (La Paz).
  • Finances (see praise below). Please pray for our financial support to continue coming in strongly and consistently.
  • Please pray for our personal prayer lives to grow stronger and stronger. We can run around and do a lot of things, but without prayer we will not bear lasting spiritual fruit.
  • Please pray that we don’t neglect to maintain our relationships in the midst of doing ministry, the most important one being with our Lord, then with each other, then with our friends and family, while we continue to establish ourselves and our ministry in Honduras.
  • Please pray for our faith to stay strong, and grow even stronger, for continued protection from spiritual attack, and for strength when the attacks do come.
  • Please pray for us to be bold and courageous, to not miss any opportunities to glorify God, and to draw people closer to Jesus.


  • Praise God for the approval by the government of our papers legally establishing The Family Health and Development Foundation Honduras. Not only that but we will be meeting this month with our engineer to review the land use plan, blueprints, and budgets. We are so excited to see how far God has brought us in a relatively short time.
  • It has been an amazing year of ministry with the short term mission teams who have already been here this year. We can’t thank all of you who have come and given of yourselves in obedience to God’s calling to find out where He is working and join Him because He is clearly at work in the western mountains of Honduras.
  • In June we celebrated our second new church building dedication service in Jagua. What an honor it was to participate in this service, and to see another church building that is being used to honor God and change lives!
  • Chebito gave us another scare in May with another very high fever as a result of a respiratory infection. Praise God that he is doing very well now. He has a bunch of teeth so he is eating and growing rapidly.
  • Praise God for the new believers in La Campa and Jagua as a result of the efforts of our short term mission teams this year. We also heard a report that ministry that was done in schools in La Paz in June is already bearing fruit.
  • Praise God for the recent reliability of the electricity and water systems! Praise God that this has continued through today!! We’ve not experienced significant outages in La Campa for quite some time now.
  • Praise God for the continuing increase in our language skills. We both still have much to learn but the language continues to be less and less of a barrier for us.
  • Praise God for the donations we have received for several different construction projects. We are not a construction ministry per se but construction does have its place. Update-the Sunday school classroom\kitchen in Cruz Alta now has walls, roof and a floor. This project will serve both the church and the future medical center. The children’s Sunday school classroom and kitchen project is underway in Mataras. The walls are finished and the floor and roof are being worked on now.
  • We continue to receive encouragement from so many of our friends, praise God for the encouragement from our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Praise God for His continued faithfulness to provide for our needs through our friends and partner churches that faithfully and generously support our ministry.
  • Praise God for the great friends He has brought into our lives in La Campa, San Pedro Sula, and El Progreso. We are especially thankful for Pastor Emilio and his family, the Perez family, Lennar & Maria, Pastor Jorge and his family, Pastor Wilmer and his family, Pastor Walterio and his family in Tegucigalpa, Pastor Fredy and his family in Comayagua, and Tony, Juanita, and Rommel-our Hotel Plaza Victoria family in El Progreso.
  • Praise God for all of our prayer supporters because we can’t do what we do effectively without the prayer support of all of you.