Cruz Alta

Even though we were not directly involved in the church plant in Cruz Alta in 2012, we were aware of the community and the new evangelical church through our ministry agency, Frontline Missions. We were blessed to be a part of the church dedication celebration in 2013 and quickly came to love and respect Pastor Marco Tulio and the new congregation. Since 2013 we have continued to come along side Pastor Tulio and serve with him in the church and community. The task has not been easy, especially for Pastor Tulio. Until recently (2017) he walked from LaCampa to Cruz Alta which is about a 20 minute drive up the mountain or an hour’s walk each way.  You might ask why did he walk back and forth for so many years? Why didn’t he move? It’s just not that easy here. 

Family is important and his family was in LaCampa. Pastor Tulio had a small congregation but many in Cruz Alta did not accept him or the evangelical church. He was rejected, threatened, spit at and even had rocks thrown at him. As part of his story he will tell you at times he wanted to quit but he didn’t. He knew that God had called him to serve in this community. Today, six years later along with his wife and daughter, Pastor Tulio is living in Cruz Alta and well received by the community leaders. And, through individual contributions and another ministry partner here in Honduras he now has a motorcycle! 

As part of God’s plan through our relationship with Pastor Tulio and his mentor, Pastor Emilio, we have been able to support him with community outreach, medical brigades and VBS programs in the local school. 

In 2018 Pastor Tulio, Dr. Maria, Greg and I met with the Cruz Alta community leaders and school directors.  During this meeting they presented so many opportunities for all of us to continue to work and serve in Cruz Alta. We were asked to help plan and support community projects to help families and particularly the youth. In many rural communities the public school program offers only kindergarten through 6th grade. Just recently Cruz Alta began providing education through 9th grade.  The next level of education, high school, becomes unattainable for many because of travel to another community, limited, if any, public transportation and economics.

We had a kickoff event in June with one of our supporting short term mission teams. A fun games night of Chinese Checkers, Dutch Blitz, Pick Up Sticks, Jenga, and of course, soccer. By continuing to build relationships and gaining the trust of these families, we will be able to plan more events and pour into the lives of the children, youth and families. We also continue to meet with community leaders and school directors to develop community projects on a wider scale.

Your support is key to the success of all the work God is doing here. Would you commit to praying for us, Pastor Tulio, and the ongoing work in Cruz Alta? Will you prayerfully consider other ways you can get involved? Are you a doctor, dentist, nurse, teacher, pastor, singer, researcher, developer, gardener, jewelry maker, engineer, or crafts maker? Do you have a heart for serving others? Here are some areas that need support: mobile medical missions, school sponsorship for supplies or uniforms, youth events, family crisis help, or a community gardening project.

O taste and see that the Lord is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!  Psalm 34:8 (NASB)

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