February 2020 Prayers & Praises

Please read below for updates on previous prayer requests, new prayer requests, and praises for what God has done.

Prayers and praises so often go hand in hand that it can be hard to follow when they are split between different sections so we have combined them by topic. Where combined the prayers will be in black and the praises will be in red.


2019 was a very busy, often challenging, but always fulfilling time in ministry and 2020 is continuing in that direction. We are so thankful for our ministry partners who continue to be faithful in supporting us and the growing ministry the Lord has given us. Thank you for praying and rejoicing with us in the following:

  • We praise God for the time we had in the U.S. last year. We were given so many opportunities to speak and share about all that took place in our ministry in 2019. We also got to spend some time with our families and to see so many of our friends. We thank God and we thank all of you!
  • Please continue to pray for our new organizations that have been formed to allow us to pursue the new ministry opportunities the Lord has brought to us. Family Health & Development Foundation Honduras (FHD Honduras for short) is the Honduras non-profit organization; FHD Missions, Inc. is the complementary U.S. non-profit organization that will serve to support and guide the activities of FHD Honduras. December 22nd we received our notification from the IRS informing us that we received our 501c3 tax exempt status!! We ask for prayer for Jean and me and for the boards of both organizations as we work to establish and fund the projects that are being developed.
  • Praise God for the successful completion of our first 10 months of operations at La Casa de Rubén! It hasn’t been without its challenges but God has been faithful and lives are being impacted. Please pray for the Lord to touch more hearts to help support this ministry on a monthly basis.
  • This month a new person was able to come to stay at La Casa de Rubén to begin receiving physical therapy! Because of some changes that were made at the end of last year and for a donation we received to purchase more beds this came to pass. You can learn more about Rosalina, our newest patient guest, on our website.
  • Please pray for us to receive the funds we need to purchase the house we are currently renting for La Casa de Rubén. We have done our due diligence to ensure that the price is fair and we have prayed about the situation. As a result we believe that this is the place God intends for us to be. That being the case we are trusting God to provide the significant funding needed to make the purchase.
  • Short term mission teams continue to be an important part of our ministry to reach people for Christ and to serve and bless them in other ways as well. Praise God for the two teams we have already hosted this year and the ones coming in March and April.
  • Please continue to pray for an exciting new ministry to launch this year at a church in Gracias. Work began on this project last September, and while the progress has been slow, we are trusting that it will come to pass in the Lord’s timing. Please pray for the pastors and leaders of this church as they do their work on the initial planning that will open the door for them to receive the teaching and training to launch and sustain this ministry.
  • There may be an opportunity coming our way to get much more involved in the healthcare system in our part of Honduras. This is something that we’ve thought we should do but we have not been actively seeking this out since there is still so much to do to stabilize and grow La Casa de Rubén and continue on in our other ministries. We recognize that even though we don’t think we are ready God might have a different plan so please pray for wisdom for us to know if this opportunity is from God and courage to move forward if it is.
  • Please pray for us as we continue talking with a Honduran missionary friend about joining us in our ministry. Having this person with us would greatly increase our impact in the mountain communities we serve so it seems like a good fit but we need the Lord’s confirmation.
  • Please pray for us personally however the Lord leads.
  • Please pray for Pastor Emilio, his family, and Ministerio Torre Fuerte here in La Campa. Please pray for peace, protection, wisdom, and continued spiritual growth and impact in the churches and communities represented by this ministry.
  • Please pray for Pastor Jorge, his family, and his ministry in Caiquin, Coalaca and Mataras de Caiquin. Please pray for peace, protection, wisdom, and continued spiritual growth and impact in the churches and communities represented by this ministry.


One Comment on “February 2020 Prayers & Praises

  1. Covering you and your many projects in prayer and in His will.

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