An Update From La Casa De Rubén

In our last nLogo PNG La Casa de Rubénewsletter we introduced you to our newest project La Casa De Rubén. La Casa De Rubén is a place for people who live far away from Gracias in the rural communities we serve to come and stay so that they can receive the physical therapy they need to regain mobility. Healthy bodies are great, but it’s even better to have a healthy mind and soul to go with it so programs will be offered to assist in these areas as well.

We signed a lease for the house at the end of March and began officially renting it April 1st. The owner did a lot of things to make the house ready for us including installing a new transformer bringing a much needed upgrade of the electrical service to support our needs. The house was also painted inside and out using colors very suitable for the purpose of the house.

The house has three bedrooms with a private bathroom connected to each-very unusual here. In order to maximize the use of the house for our guest patients we are building, with the help of our friends from Kentucky, two extra bedrooms and a full bath behind the house for the La Casa De Rubén staff.

Speaking of staff…Actually the word staff is inadequate to express the relationships we have with the people who will be running the house. First, we have Maria Mercedes as our foundation director, and she will also serve as the manager of La Casa De Rubén. We have hired Pastor Marco Tulio and his wife Lourdes to be the primary caretakers of the guest patients and the house Monday through Friday. A woman from La Campa named Angela whom we have come to appreciate greatly will be doing the same on the weekends. We’ll be sharing more about them in future blog posts.

Besides the staffing we have been busy managing the construction, buying supplies that we need to get started and meeting with carpenters about building cabinets and shelving units. We just finished our policies and procedures and will be finishing the design on other signage that is needed for the inside of the house.We’ve accomplished much but there remains much more to do. But ready or not, Pastor Tulio, Lourdes, and their little girl will be moving in on April 22, and then on the 26th Rubén and his younger sister Marlen will be moving into the house. We can’t wait for the 26th, this is a day we’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

We will be posting updates about La Casa De Rubén here in our blog and in our newsletter but we also have a Facebook page. Please look for FHD Honduras on Facebook to keep up with the latest updates on the progress and needs. When you go to our page please give us a “like” if you haven’t done so already, and share it with all of your friends.

Please pray for us, this project, and for our first guest patient Rubén. His first few weeks of therapy will be very, very demanding-much more than he probably realizes. We are also in need of financial support for this project. If the Lord has touched your heart and you have been blessed with the ability to give, and you are looking for a new ministry project to support, we would really appreciate your choosing La Casa De Rubén. Please contact us with any questions.

Thank you all so much, God bless.




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