May 2022 Prayers & Praises

We are blessed by increasing ministry opportunities and are working harder than ever. We have come to realize that there are some personal health situations that need to be addressed, specifically for Jean so we have an update and prayer request that we have included below:

For several years now Jean has had an irregular heartbeat (not requiring medication). Typically she has had annual wellness checks while in the states but because of the pandemic travel restrictions and some other complications she has not had any annual checkups since 2019, until recently.

In January 2022 a cardiologist in Honduras diagnosed her with Atrial Fibrillation (Afib) and prescribed two medications. After taking these meds for a few weeks we began to prayerfully consider Jean’s return to the states for a second opinion so she is there now.
The cardiologist in GA confirmed an irregular heartbeat but he is almost 100% confident in saying she does not have Afib and discontinued the medications. Jean is currently undergoing other tests to determine the cause of the irregularity. Please pray for God to provide wisdom to the cardiologist as he seeks to determine the cause and that he will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis.

Praise God for the meds being discontinued as they were not needed and for Jean having increasing doubts about the medications, especially as some side effects became very noticeable; please pray for no long term side effects from these medications.

This sounds serious, which it is, but it is not a life threatening situation. It’s just a blip on the screen (no pun intended). God is faithful and He has brought us through all of this. Please pray for us to wait in His peace through the testing. We are trusting Him for the best outcome according to His plan so Jean can return home to Honduras and continue to serve where she/we have been called.

If you would like to speak with Jean she will be in the states through the end of May and can be reached at 678.761.6522

  • We are praising God for the continuing improvements and gains being experienced by the two boys we have been treating at LCDR. Yovin, despite a diagnosis of a permanently paralyzed right arm, he is now raising that arm at the shoulder and bending it at the elbow. Through the power of prayer and physical therapy God is doing a miracle in this now 15 month old boy. Please pray for God to continue to rewire the nerves so that he will gain full use of his wrist, hands and fingers.
  • We are praising God for Bayron’s successful surgery on his legs and the gains he has made since. He is now walking for much longer periods of time using forearm crutches. Please pray for God to continue to restore this boy’s legs and feet so that he can walk again. Also please pray for his follow up appointment on May 14th with the pediatric neurologist.
  • With the success of last year’s matching campaign fundraiser construction is underway so that we can provide care to more people with physical disabilities. Please pray for the construction to go well, quickly and safely.
  • Please pray for the children and adults with physical disabilities who are on our waiting list. Please pray that we are able to get the initial consultations done in the next few days to determine their needs and what we can do to help them.
  • Please pray for the continued spiritual growth and development of everyone at La Casa De Rubén.
  • Please continue to pray for Marlen and her studies. Praise God for a good start to 10th grade and that they have finally opened the school for in-person classes.
  • Please pray for God to provide scholarship funds for 4 new college students that were added to the program recently.
  • Please pray for all of our scholarship students.
  • Please pray for Rosalina as she continues her studies and sewing. Please pray for us to find new markets for her to sell her hand sewn products in the U.S. so she too can provide for more of her personal needs and gain some financial independence.
  • Please pray for new opportunities for Rubén to learn computer skills that can provide him with work that will give him more purpose and some financial independence.
  • Please pray for two teams scheduled to come to serve with us this summer. The first small team will arrive May 17th to work with us on our construction project at La Casa De Rubén. The second team will be arriving on July 8th to serve with us in a variety of ministries.
  • Please pray for the Lord to bring us new monthly supporters so that we can continue providing college scholarships to outstanding students, and cover the expenses for regular operations at LCDR.
  • Please pray for Jean and me as we navigate through some staffing changes that have recently taken place in our ministry and as we manage the growth and new opportunities that God is bringing.
  • Please pray for Pastor Emilio, his family, and Ministerio Torre Fuerte here in La Campa. Please pray for peace, protection, wisdom, and continued spiritual growth and impact in the churches and communities represented by this ministry.
  • Please pray for Pastor Jorge, his family, and his ministry in Caiquin, Coalaca and Mataras de Caiquin. Please pray for peace, protection, wisdom, and continued spiritual growth and impact in the churches and communities represented by this ministry.

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