August 2022 Prayers & Praises

We are most thankful for our ministry partners who continue to be faithful in supporting us and the growing ministry the Lord has given us. Thank you for praying and rejoicing with us.

We are blessed by the fact that the ministry opportunities are increasing and we are working harder than ever. In our last prayers and praises report we asked for prayers in regards to some health challenges that Jean was facing so here is an update.

Jean spent several weeks in the states seeking medical care and was able to return to Honduras in June. We are happy to report that after more extensive testing with a cardiologist in Georgia it turns out that Jean does not have Afib; instead, she has Supraventricular Tachycardia. So, there is still something irregular in the functioning of her heart but it is a situation that currently does not require medication, only observation and a check up with the cardiologist later this year.

As a result of this diagnosis, she stopped taking the medications that had been previously prescribed and is slowly feeling better as her body processes these medications out of her system. There are still some lingering side effects and pain management issues that haven’t been resolved yet but overall, Jean is doing quite a bit better than she was earlier this year so thank you so much for all of your prayers to this point for her.

  • We are praising God for the ongoing construction at LCDR. The main building is rapidly nearing completion with electricity, doors and windows being installed in the days ahead. We are praising God for the construction help that we received from two mission teams who were here in May and July and also for the safety of all of the workers to this point. The next phase we hope to begin soon will be an interior renovation of the existing house to build out one or two new bedrooms and a large shower area properly equipped for our wheelchair patients.
  • We are praising God for the continued health and improvements of everyone at La Casa De Rubén. Our patient guests continue to get stronger and gain more mobility and independence.
  • We are praising God for the continuing improvements and gains being experienced by the two boys we have been treating at LCDR. Yovin, despite a diagnosis of a permanently paralyzed right arm, is now raising that arm at the shoulder and bending it at the elbow. Through the power of prayer and physical therapy God is doing a miracle in this now 15 month old boy. Please pray for this young boy to continue to make advancements and for God to give him a fully functioning limb, from the shoulder to tips of his fingers.
  • We are praising God for Bayron’s successful surgery on his legs and the gains he has made since. He is now walking for much longer periods of time using forearm crutches. Please pray for God to continue to restore this boy’s legs and feet so that he can walk as normally as possible.
  • We asked for prayer regarding Bayron’s appointment in May with the neurologist. There was really nothing substantial that came out of this appointment although a fairly common medicine was prescribed to try to help with Bayron’s somewhat delayed processing and response times. Please pray for God to work in this area of Bayron’s life as he tries this treatment, and continues speech therapy, in addition to physical and occupational therapy for his legs and feet.
  • We have begun the process to provide much needed care for four new patients. Please pray for Abdiel, a 2 year old boy who had his first consultation on Aug 10th (which also happens to be his 2nd birthday), please pray for Melvin, a 10 year old boy who we are taking to his first consultation with the pediatric neurologist Aug 13th, please pray for Seidi, a 6 year old girl who needs a hip replacement surgery which will allow her to walk normally and finally please pray for Nohemi, an 18 year old young woman who needs double hip replacement surgery so that she can walk normally and pain free.
  • Please pray for the continued spiritual growth and development of everyone at La Casa De Rubén.
  • Please continue to pray for Marlen and her studies. We are praising God for the good grades she received for her first trimester of 10th grade and for the young woman she is becoming.
  • Please pray for all of our scholarship students to continue to excel in their studies and grow in their faith.
  • Please pray for Rosalina as she continues her studies and sewing. Please pray for us to find new markets for her to sell her hand sewn products in the U.S. so she too can provide for more of her personal needs and gain some financial independence.
  • Please continue to pray for new opportunities for Rubén to learn computer skills that can provide him with work that will give him more purpose and some financial independence. Also please pray for him as he too has entered into an online GED program.
  • Please pray for two teams scheduled to come to serve with us this summer. The first small team will arrive May 17th to work with us on our construction project at La Casa De Rubén. The second team will be arriving on July 8th to serve with us in a variety of ministries. Thank you for your prayers, both of these teams were a huge blessing to us and the ministry.
  • Please pray for the Lord to bring us some much-needed one-time donations and several new monthly supporters so that we can continue providing a place for those with physical disabilities to come and be cared for in the ways that they need.
  • Please pray for two godly men who are coming for an exploratory trip towards the end of August. Please pray for their safe travels, for our time together to be refreshing and productive and for us to discern the will of God for future ministry together.
  • Please pray for Jean and me as we manage the growth and new opportunities that God is bringing. Please pray for us to find balance between the ministry demands and personal needs we have and for us to make time for much needed rest while we are in the states.
  • Please pray for the planning for our trip to the states later this year, for wisdom as we schedule meetings and appointments, and for God’s favor and provision for all of the needs of the ministry that we are seeking to meet.
  • Please pray for Pastor Emilio, his family, and Ministerio Torre Fuerte here in La Campa. Please pray for peace, protection, wisdom, and continued spiritual growth and impact in the churches and communities represented by this ministry.
  • Please pray for Pastor Jorge, his family, and his ministry in Caiquin, Coalaca and Mataras de Caiquin. Please pray for peace, protection, wisdom, and continued spiritual growth and impact in the churches and communities represented by this ministry.

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